Experience Gmail without ads

Focus only on your emails and wipe out the noise added to your inbox by Gmail ads. Gmelius gives you the possibility (i.e. option) to remove all the ads present in Gmail (top, right and bottom). To note that Gmelius does not deactivate the automatic Gmail filtering and scanning system which allows Google to parse for keywords in your emails and then match and serve targeted ads when you browse the Web. For more information about Google ads, please read the Google Privacy section. Is Ad avoidance a Problem
Besides the fact that hiding ads makes your inbox more readable, Gmelius implements such an option in order to decrease the amount of information we are forced to consume on a daily basis. A good summary of the latter viewpoint:
"As consumers, we should understand ad-avoidance as a way of setting a price on our time and attention. For the past century, we’ve arguably been selling it too cheap, trading it all for a few decent sitcoms and sports programming. The rise of ad-avoidance is a way of putting a higher price on the privilege of doing what ads do—make brands more valuable and convince us to spend money. Just as we don’t let every salesman into our home, there’re no reason to let every advertisement into our life." -- The New Yorker (Oct. 23, 2013)

Make Gmail header visible on-demand

Make the Gmail header, that is the logo and search block, auto-expandable on demand and prioritize so the content of your inbox. If you enable this feature, Gmelius will add a "Search" button at the top-left of your inbox that will display/hide the header and auto-focus the search input. This feature includes a keyboard shortcut.

Restore the old compose window

Among the masses who have experienced a sense of loss after Gmail introduced its new compose window? Don't worry, we have your back! Gmelius brings back the compose window you've come to know and love.

Print cleaner emails

Want your printed emails to look more professional or display more content on a single page? Gmelius removes the Gmail logo and modifies Gmail's global print stylesheet. You're welcome ;)

Remove the "People Widget"

You don't use the so-called "People widget" or contact box appearing at the right of your emails? Remove it from Gmail and enjoy a larger space to read and browse your messages. You will need to disable the ads first for this feature to work properly. Fully compatible with the Preview Pane Gmail lab.

Customize Gmail navigation icons

The native Gmail navigation icons can look a bit confusing. While you have the possibility to choose either buttons with icons or buttons with text, Gmelius gives you the option to have buttons with icons and text. Moreover, you can also colourize the navigation icons to make them even more intuitive.

Add a subtle row highlight

Make the navigation through your Gmail inbox more eye-pleasing by adding a subtle row highlight when the mouse goes over a message. Gmelius features a row highlight whose colour is customizable in order to suit best your theme. This feature is also compatible with the Preview Pane Gmail lab.

Homogenize the appearance of your incoming emails

Not a big fan of those emails sent with an exotic font (e.g. Comic) and catchy colours? Enable this feature and Gmelius will homogenize the look and feel of your incoming emails based on the default settings of your Gmail theme.

Add attachment Icons

In your Gmail inbox, attachements are indicated by a paperclip. What if different icons were shown depending on the type of file attached to your emails? Gmelius exactly does this by offering type dependent attachment icons, either in colour or in black and white (Chrome only). More than 40 types of files are currently supported from the standard .doc|.pdf|.xls to the less frequent .php|.svg|.ogg.

Disable "Consider including"

Some Gmail users were not happy with the activation by default of the "consider including" feature when composing their emails. You too? Just disable it with Gmelius.

Make the Google logo clickable

Remember the days when one simple click on the Gmail logo in the header was magically refreshing and sending you back to your inbox. Gmelius revives this nice feature.

Auto-Scroll to the top of your inbox à la Google+

Hand cramps scrolling continuously up and down in your Gmail inbox? Relax and enjoy a smooth auto-scroll to top functionality by simply clicking on the top lightgrey header, like in Google+. Your fingers will say thank you :)

Move emails labels from the left to the right of your inbox

In Gmail, labels are placed at the very left of emails subjects. Gmelius gives you the possibility to move labels from the left to the right of your inbox, making then easier to read the subject of your emails at first glance.

Move attachment icons from the right to the left of your inbox

In Gmail, attachment icons are placed at the very right of emails subjects. With Gmelius, you can move those icons from the right to the left of your inbox, making then easier to see the type of attachment an email has. Note that such a feature was available in the Gmail Lab but has been retired in early May 2012.
Gmelius revives it ...

Automatic De-obfuscation of email addresses

At Gmelius, we want to make Gmail cleaner, better but also smarter. That's why, Gmelius de-obfuscates automatically any email addresses you copy and paste from a website, making so your life a bit easier. Currently available for Gmelius Chrome and Gmelius Firefox.

Regain some space in your inbox

Gmail can look a bit cluttered. Gmelius gives you the possibility to regain some space and to clean your inbox by removing diverse elements such as chat statuses, chat, Google+ activity, footer, etc.