Gmelius, the unique all-in-1 solution for Gmail.

Our Mission

Adapting email to today’s needs, to your needs!

Email is the number one communication tool at work, but very little has been done to improve the design and functionalities it offers. At Gmelius, we aim to develop and provide a unique solution that transforms email into an advanced communication platform.

So own back control and get some peace of mind, your emails are just about to get smarter, safer, better!

Our Team

We are a Swiss company with a passion for technology and a weird obsession with pop figurines. – We thought we should confess before you judged. Please don’t judge –

Dr. Florian Bersier

CEO & Founder

Florian is the founder and original developer of Gmelius. When not in front of his computer (rarely...), you can find him riding his motorbike or his mountain bike. Florian has a PhD in Complex Systems from the University of Oxford and a Master's degree from the École Polytechnique, France.

Yelena Baatard

Head of Marketing send

Yelena is our head of marketing. She is the voice behind our social media and our overall communication. She is also the person to contact should you want to write up a story about Gmelius. Yelena comes directly from London, where she worked in event management and marketing for three years.

Raphaël Bischof

Chief Technology Officer

Raphaël is in charge of the product's technical decisions. Previously specialized in mobile app development, he keeps Gmelius servers switched on and supports the solution's development. During his free time, he gives courses to bachelor degree students at the Université de Savoie in neighbouring France or rides his motorbike through some valleys.

Samir Lachgar

VP, Product

Samir is the VP of product. He is responsible of the growth hacking part of the product development. He uses his knowledge of programming to come up with new ideas to increase our user base and automate part of our marketing strategy. On top of his technological side, he is also passionated by Japanese culture and discovering the joys of parenthood.

Kevin Nguyen

Software Engineer

Kevin is a developer who is fond of Javascript and decided to focus on this language exclusively. Coming from Nice, France, he joined Gmelius looking to make great applications at the cutting edge of technology. Always keeping quality in mind, Kevin deploys tools and workflow that help the whole team to write future proof and maintainable code. On his spare time, he enjoys watching tv-shows, reading, running, traveling and playing chess.

Payam Bahrami

Customer Success, Developer

Payam is one of the voices behind our customer service. An IT management student with a strong customer service and IT experience, he aims to help and solve problems while always keeping users' satisfaction in mind. He is mostly known for sharing his good mood and addictions to pop-figurines and coffee around the office. If he is not answering queries, you will probably hear his laugh burst out somewhere close by.

Antonio Gambardella


Antonio is an executive with more than 15 years of management experience which he uses to guide our strategy and operations. In addition to his role at Gmelius, he serves as Director at FONGIT, a foundation supporting innovation on behalf of the State of Geneva and the Swiss Federal government.

Angèle de Preux

Legal Consultant

Angèle helps Gmelius in all legal and administrative matters. A nerd by nature, and a soon-to-be geekette, Angèle likes watching series from the 90s, riding her motorbike and travelling around the world. She holds degrees in Law from the University of Geneva and Duke University, and is part of numerous Swiss lawyers' associations.

Our Home

We're based in Geneva, Switzerland.

Picture mountains, a lake, chocolate… And well, us of course! What’s not to favorite


Gmelius Ltd.
Chemin du Pré-Fleuri, 3
CH-1228 Plan-les-Ouates
Geneva, Switzerland