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If you are looking for a solution that offers similar functionalities to Bananatag for Gmail or want to switch to an alternative, you’ve found it with Gmelius! Gmelius is a complete email management solution which transforms your inbox into a lightweight CRM and a collaborative tool.

Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019
Florian Bersier
Florian Bersier
CEO & Founder

“Super happy with Gmelius! It offers a complete sales suite along with a great customer service. Our company switched from Bananatag with no regret. Bonus: they constantly update and add features to the app.”

Alyssa, Gmelius user since March 2017

No credit card required
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Quickly installed and easy to use, Gmelius comes pre-configured and seamlessly integrates with the inbox you and your team know and love.