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Save time by automatically adding Cc or Bcc recipients in Gmail

Would you like to automatically copy recipients into the emails you write?

This function allows you to set a rule that automatically includes a Cc or Bcc email address when you send an email.

Why should you automatically add Cc or Bcc recipients

This feature saves time and can be used to:

  • Copy a colleague in all emails sent to a customer
  • Send all your messages to a CRM (such as Salesforce)
  • Automatically save a backup copy of all sent emails to an external email address

How to use Automatic Cc or Bcc

To activate this feature, Open your Gmelius settings, and navigate to the “Compose” tab. Enable the “Systematic Cc/Bcc” feature.

Enable automatic CC or BCC

Then click on “Create and manage your automatic Cc/Bcc email addresses” located on the greyed-out box.

The window below appears - allowing you to indicate the address in either the “from” or “to” field and which recipient should be automatically Cced or Bcced.

If you want to add multiple rules click on the + New row button and specify the additional rule you would like to add.

Setup your cc and bcc rules

The next time you compose a new email, your rule will get triggered and the Cc and Bcc recipients you’ve setup will automatically be added:

Setup your cc and bcc rules

Automatically copying-in recipients just got a lot simpler

With Gmelius, you now have a quick and easy way to keep all relevant accounts copied in the emails you send. Start automatically Ccing and Bccing recipients today.

  • Stay in control

    Gmelius protects your privacy.

  • Save time

    Gmelius boosts your productivity.

  • Focus

    Experience a custom-tailored inbox.

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