Gmail Read Receipts, Invisible and Free [Updated in 2020]
March 21, 2019

How Gmail read receipt works against you and what to do about it.

Read receipts in Gmail require your recipient to approve their “read” verification. When given that option, most people will choose not to let you know they’ve read your email.

Rejection is almost certain if your prospect receives a request on your first email; especially one they could perceive as an invasion of their privacy.

Gmelius on the other hand allows you to serve your recipients with relevant and perfectly timed emails without burdening them with a request in your first message.

Emails, especially in the initial stages of outreach, should provide value. Value delivered with the least amount of effort required on the part of your recipient.

Deliver Value - Beyond The Read Receipt

With Gmelius, delivering value is the starting point of email communications. And after sending that first email, Gmelius features work together to compound the value to your recipient. It takes more than a read receipt to do this.

Gmelius provides you with actionable data in your detailed email activity report. Data that goes well beyond the standard read receipt.

Gmelius Email tracking activity report.

Gmelius read receipt or email tracking gives you the information you need to make your emails the valuable, timely, and relevant messages they should be, such as full history of opens, device and geo--location data when possible.

Have they opened it? Where were they when they did, and at what time? If they did open your email, how exactly did they interact with it? Did they open multiple times, were your links clicked on?

This type of insight into your recipient allows you to nurture the relationship from the very beginning.

Turn Your Cold Outreach into a Warm Relationship

Gmelius dashboard for Team Activity report and email tracking stats.

Relevant and timely emails break the ice of cold outreach. It’s much harder for your recipient to ignore an email that’s in tune with their current situation.

Adapt your email follow ups to the real-time status reports provided by Gmelius email tracking. An open without a reply will naturally require a different follow up. An open plus link click, will benefit from additional information.

Developing effective relationships will require your follow up strategies to be just as unique as the recipients themselves. Gmelius has the features to simplify that process.

Sequences, give you the ability to automate your customized follow ups.

Image of Gmelius Automated Sequence feature

Kanban boards, create a visual layout of the client or project pipeline associated with your outreach. By turning emails into tasks and adding them to shareable boards, your team sees clearly the status of each file.

Image of Gmelius Kanban feature

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