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June 1, 2017

As you may know Gmelius offers you a way to improve your workflow by tracking your emails and triggering notifications when they are read.

Thanks to Gmelius’ email tracking solution, you know exactly who opens your message and when. Read notifications help you gauge lead interest and follow up with perfect timing. They allow you to save time by avoiding the need to write a new message or call to confirm the reception of your emails.

They can also be useful if you are A/B testing outreach or sales messages as with them you are able to see which messages have the best opening rates.

For live alerts, you can authorise notifications to pop-up once the email is opened.

You can also just keep an eye on email opens by taking a look at the double tick icon. In emails that have been opened, a green double tick appears next to the name of the recipient. By hovering your mouse cursor over the icon, you can see when and how often a particular email was opened.

These read receipts are incredibly useful but there is even more value to find from an email journey, from its secret life.

This is why Gmelius now offers a detailed activity report. Inside the Gmelius Dashboard, paid customers can find a recap of the number of tracked emails, their opening ratio and the time from send to first open average.

All these info are then collected and visually displayed in a graph with set timeframes and the option to select a custom date range.

Below the graph lays a thorough listing of all events triggered by tracked emails. This list gives details of every email opens with the name of the recipient, the title of the email, when the open took place and where.

With the activity stream you have the chance to know when an email is first opened to follow-up at the most suitable time, how long it took until it was to see which subject lines perform better, how many times the recipient returned to it to get a sense of his engagement and location details to help you send email at the optimal time in your recipient’s time zone.

This list is also fully searchable by recipient name or email subject line, allowing you to maximise your individual reach by knowing wether a specific client is interacting with your emails and wether a specific email outreach is performing better then another.

In addition to the global activity stream, Gmelius offers a unique per-conversation activity stream. Every time you open a tracked conversation, you’ll know when your message has been opened and get a recap of the tracked activity on the right side of the email.

Business subscribers can also enjoy two exclusive tracking features: per-recipient tracking and click (link) tracking, which gives you more info into how each individual interacts with your emails and their content.

All this information being available straight from your inbox will help you be on top of your email communication game.

If you are already a user, get a sense of what the activity stream looks like by signing in to access your dashboard.

Take a look at our pricing page to get Gmelius and benefit up to 25% off if you subscribe to a yearly plan!

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