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What happens when you combine a tech company that uses data to drive matchmaking and a recruitment firm with a track record of success? You get closerIQ, a recruitment agency that’s redefining their industry.

Closer IQ

Why Gmelius?

Gmelius allows CloserIQ’s sales team to consolidate their internal and external communications within their inbox. Gmelius turns Gmail into a centralized workplace, bringing together incoming emails, team chat, and a host of collaboration tools that improve team workflow.
CloserIQ employs next-generation recruitment models that benefit both sides of their equation: Candidates and Employers.

They help candidates achieve their full career potential with a wide range of resources, including talent advisors and professional development. The future employers of these candidates, receive the most cost-effective, results-driven, recruitment solution.

Managing all the moving parts of a multi-department team requires effective communication and transparency - not another tool.
CloserIQ Team at their HeadQuarters in New York.
"Gmelius has really increased the congruity of our communication. As you scale a business, it's critical for your entire team to interface with clients in a similar fashion so you can maintain your quality of service."
Jason Lalk, Director of Sales, CloserIQ
As a high-tech sales recruitment firm servicing more than 350 companies and placing thousands of candidates, it was imperative for them to have a consolidated collaboration and communications tool.
Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019

Redefining Workplace Communications

Gmelius turns the Gmail, G Suite inbox of teams into a workspace that manages teams, clients, and projects. With a clear line of visibility, managers are able to organize, delegate accountability, and monitor processes through completion. All communications and tasks are updated in real-time and synced across all team members and devices.
“Gmelius has been instrumental in helping us scale our communication and effectiveness.” said James Lalk, Director of Sales, CloserIQ, when asked about the benefits Gmelius provides teams.
CloserIQ’s sales team was the initial adopter of Gmelius as a solution. When asked what brought them to Gmelius, James Meincke, Director of Marketing expressed:
“Our sales team was looking for tools that were more in depth. They wanted to separate CRM’s on the Partner & Recruitment sides.”
At Gmelius we recognize that most CRM platforms are overkill for the teams they are designed to serve, with most companies using less than 10% of their capabilities. The bloated feature sets, high-price tags, and steep learning curves of the standard CRM are out of place, especially for teams that do most of their work from their email inbox.
Gmelius was created for this very reason, and why we developed a next-generation “light” CRM that lives within your inbox. A streamlined no frills solution that executes on the processes that matter - without the extra fluff.

Before Gmelius

CloserIQ team members were attempting to individually solve the most common issues when working in teams: collaborating and communicating effectively.
As the workflows added up so did the tools, further fragmenting their operations. Most teams were using a combination of Gmail, Slack, and Asana; with a few members using Gorgias to manage their emails.

CloserIQ decided on Gmelius, a unified inbox workspace designed for teams.
"Gmelius was the first solution we felt confident enough to roll out across the entire team."
James Meincke, Director of Marketing, CloserIQ
Email at its core was not designed for real-time collaboration amongst multiple parties, especially in the context of a fast-paced industry like high-tech recruiting. Most solutions that address this issue will require you to adopt a third-party platform - further creating a gap between your incoming emails and the required actions that stem from them.
Ironically, using solutions that promise to improve how you work will often create a new set of pain points.

Slack versus Gmelius

Creating yet another communication channel that takes you away from your inbox poses a few problems.
A common issue with Slack is the noise that comes from managing multiple channels of side-communication. Most channels become irrelevant to the priorities of moving your projects forward.
CloserIQ team members would find themselves asking:
“When should I send a Slack versus an Email?”
“Which one is more responsive and more relevant to the task?”
Gmelius removes distractions by streamlining workplace communication. Chat for example is replaced by email notes which run in a chat-style thread alongside respective emails. Tagging team members is based on relevancy to provide direction, add context, and move the project forward. This space doesn’t really open itself up for any side-conversations; although it is a great place to make private notes to yourself or @mention team members for behind the scenes collaboration.

Managing multiple departments, clients, and projects

Cross-department management is core to Gmelius, making it the ideal solution for mid to large-sized teams. The transparency and accountability ensure for example that your Sales team is on the same page with Marketing and vice-versa.
The starting point is the incoming communication from external emails as they lead to internal chat. And the connection point is the collaborative tools that support your team’s subsequent actions.
What’s the best way to Delegate tasks and track Accountability on tasks that come from emails?
This is where Gmelius really shines: Collaboration and Automation. For example, teams are able to create sequenced email flows with “If this - Then that” directions. At any stage during this flow, emails can be turned into tasks, assigned to team members, and added to Trello-like kanban boards with one click. All without leaving your email inbox.
The use cases are limitless with Gmelius features. Depending on their requirements, teams in various industries have their favorites.

CloserIQ's favorite Gmelius features

When asked about their favorite Gmelius features CloserIQ mentioned our suite of team collaboration tools - mainly Shared Inboxes, Email Templates, and Email Notes.
“The templates feature has been a critical element to our success. As we scale our team, it's important to maintain our communication standards, and the shared templates really empower us to drive that communication efficiently, without losing quality.”
Gmelius allows teams to save time on repetitive tasks, freeing them to focus on more essential tasks. Email templates are shareable, allowing you to create, perfect, and pass on to team members for them to customize as they see fit.
“Using the templates feature, we've been able to standardize that communication by inserting a base template, and editing 20-30% of the content. That is much faster than manually writing these emails or searching for similar emails like we did in the past…”
Improving internal and external workplace communications, is the goal of Gmelius. It’s done with features that support your team and empower them to become their best at every stage of project management and client interactions.
“The dark horse sub-feature is the Gmelius pop-up that forces you to input variables that the software doesn't detect in Gmail. Every sales person has sent an email that said, "Hey [first_name]." Gmelius saves a lot of embarrassment with this feature.”
The main benefit is having these features seamlessly integrated into your inbox. This allows teams to team to stay centralized in a distraction free zone, where most of your important communication takes place - your Gmail inbox.
In addition the Gmail nativity means that Gmelius is easy to use and easy to get started.

Zero learning curve and instant onboarding

Gmelius delivers instant onboarding with an almost zero learning curve. If a team is using Gmail or G Suite as an email client it means they are ready on day one of installing Gmelius.

Gmelius was built for teams

With a team of 38 members plus additional remote and contract workers it’s essential for CloserIQ to maintain a consistent voice on their communications - both internal for their staff and external for their clients.
Gmelius allows them, as a dispersed team, to collaborate and communicate closer than ever. Features are designed to bring teams together - within their respective inboxes - while easing their workflow to best serve their clients.
CloserIQ has a varied client base, but 90% of their clients are venture-backed software companies where fast-paced, high-tech, data driven intelligence is the norm. CloserIQ supplements tech with a service-focused approach. This combination of art and science allows them to stay ahead of the curve.
Instead of focusing on the competition, CloserIQ prefers to focus on redefining the industry.
Gmelius transforms Gmail into your company’s workspace. We are currently chosen by more than 150,000 professionals to streamline their communications and automate their workflows, allowing them to manage projects and clients without leaving their inbox. Would you like to learn how Gmelius can do the same for your team?
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