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Link Gmail labels with Kanban boards

Create boards from new or existing Gmail labels, and manage your different clients and projects visually with your team. Kanban boards and Gmail labels can be shared with your whole team or just specific teammates.

You can even decide to create a board for your primary Gmail account and manage your inbox the kanban-way.

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Get things done, together

Pick the Kanban template that makes the most sense for your workflow by selecting one of the existing templates or create your very own.

From the standard GTD view to a CRM pipeline, monitor in real-time your diverse team's processes.

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Gmelius 2-way Gmail Trello integration

Stay in the loop anywhere with unique integrations

Synchronize any Kanban board with your other favorite tools. For instance, link a Gmelius board with a Trello board and convert emails into task cards, and vice-versa...

Yes, you read it right; Gmelius is the only platform on the market to offer 2-way integrations with your favorite tools!

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Other features you're going to love ...

Due Dates

Add due dates to cards, and link a kanban board with the Google Calendar of your choice to not miss important deadlines.


Add todos to any card or conversation, like you would in other Project Management solution.

Delegation & Collision Detection

Increase the transparency of your processes by assigning or delegating tasks and conversations to specific teammates. Get notified when teammates are working on the same thing.


Categorize conversations and add quick visual contextual clues by attaching tags. Tags are shared across your teams and synchronized in real-time across devices.

Notes & @Mention

Add context to a shared conversation, ping a teammate or just chat about a specific client's request on the right-side of your Gmail inbox.

Automation & SLA Rules

Automate repetitive tasks based on smart rules. For instance, you can automatically assign cards based on a set of conditions (contact email, words), add a tag, @mention a teammate, or design and enforce SLA rules.

Live Feed & Notifications

Stay on top of everything thanks to a real-time updated live feed that lives on the right-side of Gmail. Get notified the way you want thanks to Push notifications on desktop or mobile, and Slack or Trello notifications.


Track all your key metrics and KPIs, from the number of cards per board, the performance of your team, and the enforcement of your SLA policy.

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