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Markdown support for Gmail

Compose formatted emails more quickly with Markdown

Formatting emails using Gmail’s toolbar is time consuming.

Gmelius adds native Markdown support in Gmail to let you format text more quickly. Markdown is an easy-to-use syntax designed to format text without having to click on toolbar buttons.

Markdown in Gmail

Why should you use Markdown?

Using Markdown saves time. Use a few keystrokes to format text, instead of a formatting toolbar. The syntax is simple to learn and versatile

How to use enable Markdown in Gmail?

To activate this feature, Open your Gmelius dashboard. Then, enable the “Markdown support” feature under the “Productivity” tab:

Enable markdown

How to use Markdown in Gmail?

When you compose a new email and use any Markdown syntax, the formatting will automatically get applied as soon as you send the email.

You can preview how your formatted email will look prior to sending it by clicking on the Mark down to HTML button located on the formatting toolbar of the compose window.

Reference table of Markdown syntax

HTML result Markdown syntax
A Gif picture ![A Gif picture](
This is a link [This is a link](
Bold **Bold** or __Bold__
Italics *Italics* or _Italics_
Strikethrough ~~Strikethrough~~

Heading 1

# Heading 1

Heading 2

## Heading 2
Hello code `Hello code`
  • Item
  • Item
- Item 
- Item
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
1. Item 1
2. Item 2
- [x] Done
- [ ] Pending

Save time formatting emails using Markdown

With Gmelius you can now use Markdown to compose emails more quickly without using Gmail’s formatting toolbar.

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