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Personalize your Gmail interface

Personalize Gmail to fit your habits and workflow

With Gmelius, you can better control the look and feel of your inbox, adapting it to your style and preferences.

Gmelius offers dozens of options that let you tweak your Gmail, from removing Gmail ads to disabling unused functionalities to customizing the look of your inbox. Gmelius provides you with better control over your Gmail interface.

Why should you personalize Gmail?

We are each unique individuals who work differently. Some of us prefer a minimalist inbox, while others like all the options. Gmelius provides an intuitive and simple way to customize your inbox.

How to personalize your inbox?

Open your Gmelius dashboard. Under the “Customization” tab, you will you will find a number of personalisation options that let you customize Gmail:

Personalize Gmail

Choose the options that suit your needs and enable them by toggling the associated “On/Off” button.

Here are some of the customization options offered by Gmelius:

  • Refine attachment icons: Replace the standard paperclip attachment icon with icons that reflect the file type. More than 40 types of files are currently supported, from the standard .pdf to the more exotic .tiff.
  • Search Gmail from any browser tab: Search your inbox directly from the address bar of your browser. To initiate a search, type gml followed by your query. Exemple: gml from:
  • Rapid scroll to top: Save time by clicking on the Gmail header to quickly scroll to the top of your inbox.
  • Automatically resize images: Large images in emails often break the layout of your inbox, automatically resizes large images your receive to fit the width of your screen.
  • Always show the subject line: Ensure that the subject line is always visible whenever you reply to or compose an email.
  • Always show the formatting toolbar: Ensure that the formatting toolbar is always visible whenever you compose or reply to an email.
  • Always show the To/Cc/Bcc fields: Make these fields visible by default in the compose window.
  • Make Gmail header visible on demand: Hide the Gmail header. You can bring the header back by using a keyboard shortcut or clicking on the Search Button. Save screen space.
  • Hide “No new mail” message: Keep your inbox clean by removing the message displayed when your inbox is empty.
  • Customize navigation icons: Make Gmail navigation icons like Archive, Spam and Delete less confusing by adding colours and/or descriptions.
  • Add mouse-over highlighting: To identify the right email to open more easily, pass the mouse over a message in your inbox so that the message appears in the highlighted color of your choice.
  • Disable “Consider including” suggestions: Disable Gmail’s contact suggestions when you add recipients to a new message.
  • Move attachment icons from the right to the left: To ensure that you don’t miss any attachments, move the Gmail attachment icon next to a recipient’s name. This enables you to more easily identify emails containing attachments.
  • Display all labels on the right: To make sure you are using labels consistently, display each one on the right-hand side of your inbox.
  • Standardize the look of incoming emails: Avoid laboring through exotic font and colors by automatically removing fancy formatting from emails you receive.
  • Show full email content: Always see the full content of messages by not allowing Gmail to automatically trim content.

Customize your Gmail experience today

With Gmelius, customize and personalize your Gmail and enhance your control over the look and feel of your inbox today.

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