Print cleaner emails in Gmail

Have you ever tried printing the body of a message only to find advertisements and page details cluttering up your print-out? With Gmelius, you can print the information you need while reducing your paper and ink consumption.

Why should you print emails using Gmelius?

Be more eco-friendly starting today! With Gmelius, Gmail branding, ads and unnecessary details will automatically be removed from the documents you print. You’ll only print what you really need, saving ink and paper.

How to print more intelligently?

The printing functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

By default, all Gmail branding is removed from the emails you print, but you can choose from the following additional options located under the “Customize print settings”:

Gmelius Print settings

Remove Gmail branding + Only print the subject and body of an email The right choice if you mainly print invoices, timesheets, and work-related emails.

Remove Gmail branding + Only print the body of an email The right choice if you print emails with a lot of graphic content, such as flyers and newsletters.

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As a Swiss company, we take your privacy extremely seriously. We do not index, sell or transmit information present in your inbox and our software is reviewed on a regular basis by engineers from Apple, Google and Opera.

Carlos Valdivia

Excellent product that saves you so much time. The customer support is also super helpful.

Tom Fleming

Great app. Always adding new features. I've used this since its launch and it keeps getting better.

George Steiner

Amazing, everyone should get this. Google should do everything you've done.

Brent Hueth

Great app and wonderful hands-on customer service (not easy to get these days!)

Thanks for installing!

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Why does Gmelius need to...

Read and change your data on mail.google.com and inbox.google.com

Gmelius needs those permissions to add features to your inbox. It never indexes or transmits information present in your email account or any sites you visit. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

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