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Receive a Read Receipt in Gmail

Improve your workflow by receiving automatic read receipts

Tired of not knowing if emails you sent get read?

Gmelius notifies you as soon as the emails you send get open. You’ll know if, who and when people read your emails.

Why should you send read receipts?

Read receipts enable you to:

  • Know when recipients open your emails
  • Avoid the need to write a new message or call to confirm the reception of your emails
  • Get insight on which messages receive the best opening rates

How to use read receipts?

The read receipt functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard, Productivity tab.

Read receipts settings

When you want to know if a particular email will be opened, click on the done_all icon next to the Send button.

Read receipts

As soon as your email is opened, you’ll receive a desktop notification in your inbox so you can easily track engaged contacts and know the best time to follow-up or continue the conversation.

Track if email get open in Gmail

You can see a summary of all of your tracked emails in your sent folder.

Enable automatic CC or BCC

In emails that have been opened, a green done_all icon appears next to the name of the recipient. By hovering your mouse cursor over the icon, you can see when and how often a particular email was opened.

Quickly know if a message has been read with the automated read receipt function

Gmelius provides an automated method of knowing if your correspondents have received and read your messages.

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