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How many times have you wondered what happened to an email after you sent it? Gmelius notifies you as soon as a message is opened. Thanks to our Email tracking solution, you’ll know who, where and when people read your emails. A must-have to gauge lead interest and follow up with perfect timing.

Why should you track emails?

Email tracking brings many benefits. At the top of the list is making you more efficient. If you are in business, that translates to better management and more sales. Specifically, read receipts enable you to:

  • Know when recipients open your emails and know exactly when to follow up
  • Avoid the need to write a new message or call to confirm the reception of your emails
  • Get insight on which messages receive the best opening rates
  • A/B test outreach or sales messages seeing which messages have the best opening rates

How to use read receipts (email tracking)?

The read receipt functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard, Productivity tab.

Read receipts settings

When you want to know if a particular email will be opened, click on the done_all icon next to the Send button.

Read receipts

As soon as your email is opened, you’ll receive a desktop notification in your inbox so you can easily track engaged contacts and know the best time to follow-up or continue the conversation.

Track if email get open in Gmail

You can see a summary of all of your tracked emails in your sent folder.

Enable automatic CC or BCC

In emails that have been opened, a blue done_all icon appears next to the name of the recipient. By hovering your mouse cursor over the icon, you can see when and how often a particular email was opened.

Gmelius unlimited tracking is free and available to all users. In exchange, we add our signature “Powered by Gmelius” to your emails. To remove our branding and keep your communications more professional, you can upgrade to a paid plan, which will offer all the activity stream features described below.

What are the Activity stream features?

Gmelius is the only software to offer both a per-conversation activity stream and a detailed activity report for Premium and Business users. Gmelius’ activity stream features give you the chance to know when an email is first opened, how long it took until it was, how many times the recipient returned to it and location and device details.

Per-conversation activity stream

Every time you open a tracked conversation, you’ll directly know when your messages have been opened and get all the information you need to maximize your reach. You just need to take a look at the right side of a tracked email to see a detailed list of all the tracked activity: Who, How long ago, Where, From which device.

Per-conversation activity stream

Detailed activity report

Inside their Gmelius Dashboard, paid users will also be able to find a detailed activity report. The report compiles a recap of the number of tracked emails, their opening ratio and the time from send to first open average. All these info are then collected and visually displayed in a graph with set time-frames and the option to select a custom date range.

Activity stream

Below the graph lays a thorough listing of all events triggered by tracked emails. This list gives you details of every email opens with the name of the recipient, the subject of the email, when the open took place and where.

This list is also fully searchable by the name of the recipient or the subject of the email.

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Amazing, everyone should get this. Google should do everything you've done.

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Great app and wonderful hands-on customer service (not easy to get these days!)

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