How to send recurring emails in Gmail

Gmelius’ recurring emails allow you to schedule emails to be sent out automatically at the date and time of your choosing and for a set number of occurrences. These emails are similar to scheduled emails but they are part of a sequence and will be sent more than once.

Why should you use recurring emails?

Recurring emails were designed to help you save time on repetitive and periodic emails. With Gmelius’ scheduler, you can write recurring emails only once and prepare them to be sent out at the frequence of your choosing. More specifically, you can:

  • Send repeating emails automatically
  • Account for different frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  • Avoid forgetting to send out an invoice or a newsletter
  • Write periodic emails only once and revisit them to make changes whenever you like

Common use cases

  • Send your customers monthly invoices
  • Remind your employees to submit their monthly expense reports
  • Send meeting agendas and reports

How to set a recurring email?

How to set a recurring email in Gmail

Once your draft ready, click on the clock icon schedule located next to the Send button and select Set recurring email. You will then be able to select the following options:

  • Frequency: How often the message will be sent. Supported frequencies are: daily, weekly, monthly (e.g., 1st Monday of every month, the 18th of the month, every 3 months), and yearly.
  • Weekdays only: Check this box if you want your sequence to skip weekends and only deliver your messages on weekdays. Messages that would have been sent over a weekend will be postponed to the following Monday.
  • Start & end date: Choose when the recurring sequence starts and stops. Select specific dates, a fixed number of occurrences, or let it run indefinitely.
  • Send time: The time at which the message will be sent.

When you’ve finished setting up your recurring sequence, click on the Save button. Finally, click on Send Later to register the recurring message.

How to edit a recurring email?

Recurring emails like standard Gmelius scheduled emails are stored in the draft folder of your inbox. There you will find your recurring emails and be able to open them and edit them as you would for any draft.

Once you open your draft/recurring email you will also be able to edit the date and time and all the sequences options of your recurring email by clicking on the clock icon. Don’t forget to click on Save after editing the sequence option, as well as click on Send Later to make sure the changes to your recurring sequence is taken into account.

From the “Drafts” folder you will also be able to delete the message altogether.

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