Great teamwork is now possible in   Gmail.

Finally! Give your teams real-time visibility on their workload, super-fast email processing capabilities and flawless collaboration without leaving Gmail.
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Sharing passwords, constant app-switching, CCs and forwards  can only go so far. 

It's time to rethink your inbox.
Imagine a place, just one, where yousee every email your team receives and everything they’re working on...

team inbox

... Now imagine if this place was      Gmail.

Imagine            Assigning emails to any teammate in one click and knowing who is responding to what — in real-time...

Assign email in Gmail
Email comments in Gmail

Imagine communicating with your team via  quick notes  — without leaving your inbox or resorting to endless threads...

Email templates  in Gmail

Imagine replying to emails with pre-built templates, and switching on automatic responses for repetitive emails...

Imagine 100% accountability. 360° visibility.
Happier clients, teammates and suppliers.

That’s shared inboxes for you.The new, better way of doing email

Meet Gmelius, a shared inbox with everything you need for team collaboration. 

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Gmelius lives right in your inbox. You don’t have to set up a whole new ecosystem. Work where you’re comfortable: inside Gmail.
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Gmelius does not store your emails anywhere - unlike other platforms. Your emails stay secure, in Gmail.
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Gmelius integrates with your tech stack, and lets you automate workflows and turn Gmail into a collaborative workspace.

Get complete visibility on your team’s workload and clear ownership of tasks

Monitor and manage all your company's emails such as Billing, Support, Sales from any teammate's account.

Assign incoming emails to your teammates in 1-click or with simple @mentions.
Shared Inbox in GmailShared Inbox in Gmail
Shared Label in GmailShared label in Gmail

Collaborate seamlessly across teams with connected workspaces

Don’t want to share a whole inbox with other departments or people in your organization? Create shared labels instead, and only share relevant emails.

Work together to craft more effective responses — with shared drafts.

Respond faster and more effectively to customers, vendors and colleagues

Automatically assign emails to teammates based on workload, use templates and automated responses for repetitive queries.

Set up and enforce SLA policies to ensure faster operations.
Auto-assignment in GmailAutomation rule in Gmail

What our customers are saying.

Intuitive email sharing platform

The assignment of emails to other colleagues has been helpful and very easy to use. In addition, the ability to open and close emails makes it very clear to my team and me when an issue has been dealt with.

Great communication tool!

Being able to chat and discuss emails with my team and coworkers has helped us be collaborative and efficient!

Gmelius is wonderful

Gmelius has been instrumental in helping our team become much more efficient. I don't want to think of a time before Gmelius.

Accounts Payable
Google Workspace's missing DNA block

Gmelius helped us improve in many areas, response time, delegating task and emails and so on.

Customer Support Team
Could not work without it

We are now able to have greater visibility of the whole teams emails. Improving efficiency and providing a better service and response time to clients across the board.

Customer Service
I like the fact that so many features are built in to one app

Features are well thought-out and new ones are always being added. Somehow Gmelius does not feel cluttered or bloated though. It works the way I work.

CEO, Leading Lab Testing
We use Gmelius to communicate internally

We use Gmelius to communicate internally and provide the best legal service possible. During the time that the application is being used by us there has been a noticeable improvement in communication and service.

This tool is user friendly and streamlines communications.

Gmelius has allowed our team to keep our communications to our partners consistent and will enable us to assign emails to team members which we didn't have before.

Customer Success Engagement Representative

Get 2-way integrations with all your tools.

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Gmelius 2-way Gmail Trello integration
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& pick them up on Trello with Gmelius

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