Shared Inbox in Gmail
Shared Inbox in Gmail
Shared Email Drafts
Shared Email drafts
Kanban Boards
Kanban Boards
Shared Gmail Labels
Shared Gmails Labels

Join the async revolution.We have the technology to get you there.

Work is changing, so change the way you work. Collaborate, delegate and gain the visibility you never had by transforming the most async channel of all, Email, into the enabler of a high-impact culture.
The next big trend in Tech.
A game changer for our team.
G2 Crowd

Connect your existing tools with our awesome integrations.

Master teamwork, not another tool. Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture, e.g., assign and reply to emails from Slack or synchronize a Gmail label with a Trello board.
Google Workspace's missing DNA block
****Star half*

In fact it helped us to improve in many areas, response time, delegating task and emails and so on.

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Home - Mechanical
Gmelius User
Gmelius User
Mechanical Engineering
It is a great tool for team collaboration
****Star half*

Helps us get a common picture on a project. It is really helpful especially when working in an organization and you have a lot of projects that you are working with, it helps organize them and allows all the teammates in an organization have access to the important data that everyone needs to be aware of.

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Project Management - Alma
Alma Grace
Alma Grace
I love this app, best app you can get for Gmail
****Star half*

Gmelius is seamless and looks like it was part of Gmail app itself. The UI is great and simple, automation settings once configured are awesome and make your life so much easier.

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User in Apparel & Fashion
User in Apparel & Fashion

Stop grunt work andembrace workflow automation.

Make you and your team more productive. Our workflow intelligence suite lets you automate your operations. Think of Gmelius as your virtual teammate and your competitive advantage.
Workflow Automation

Remove manual processes with automation rules

Create powerful "If this - Then that" workflow automation Rules. Automatically assign email conversations based on your agents' load, send email autoresponders, enforce SLA policies, and lots more.
Email Templates in Gmail

Save hours of repetitive writing with smart templates

Turn your most effective and repetitive emails into Gmail templates you can personalize and share with your team. You'll save hours on copy-pasting and editing emails by inserting templates in seconds.
Schedule meetings from Gmail with Gmelius

Replace old-school meeting links with 1-click schedulers

Automate the entire appointment scheduling process by sharing your calendar availability, sending pre-meeting questionnaires or reminders, and integrating with your favorite video conferencing tool.
Email sequences

Double down on outreach efforts with automated sequences

Scale your outreach in minutes while keeping a human touch. Thanks to our sequences, your follow-up emails will be sent based on the way your leads interacted with them.
80% decrease
in time assigning tasks
2x faster
response time
16h saved
per month & per teammate