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Experience a custom-tailored inbox

Gmelius (volume_up /'Gmail'-'ius'/ where 'melius' means better in Latin) offers an intuitive and simple way to make your inbox the way you want it. Install the extension, activate the features you need in the configuration screen and Gmelius will do the rest. Whether you wish to regain some space and enjoy a cleaner inbox or want to add new functionalities, Gmelius has you covered.

Experience a custom-tailored Gmail inbox

Detect and block email tracking attempts

Nowadays, a growing number of services tracks your email activity without your consent, making possible for your contacts to know when, where and how many times you have read a message. Since 2013, Gmelius protects your privacy by detecting and blocking such trackers in Gmail, providing a detection algorithm which has been since copied but never outsmarted !

Compose emails on the fly

Gmelius introduces the ease and power of #hashtags to your inbox! Insert pre-saved email templates, add senders and categorize new emails and replies just by appending hashtags to the subject of your messages.

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Integrate a To-Do App into Gmail

Emails are mainly tasks. Gmelius offers an innovative solution that takes into account the latter observation and seamlessly integrates with your inbox. Click on a new DO button to create a task. Convert any existing email into a To-do. Share and manage your To-dos with any of your contacts (e.g., co-workers, family members) and visualize your workflow and progress thanks to an uncluttered dashboard.

sync With Google Calendar sync.
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Integrate a To Do list into Gmail

Schedule emails to send later

Write an email now and schedule it to send automatically at the date and time of your choice. The perfect feature to communicate with people in different time zones, and send an email during office hours when it is actually drafted at 2 in the morning.

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Schedule and send later emails in Gmail with Gmelius

Search your inbox from any tab

Gmelius lets you search for messages in the address bar of your browser, just like you would perform a normal Google search. To initiate a search, type gml in the address bar followed by your query, e.g., gml from: [email protected]

info_outlineThis feature is currently only supported in Google Chrome.

Unsubscribe from newsletters and mailing lists in Gmail

Unsubscribe from newsletters

A new Unsubscribe button replaces the Spam one whenever Gmelius detects an email newsletter or a mailing list, making the whole unsubscription process swift and easy.

info_outlineIs this a duplicate of Gmail's own Unsubscribe feature? No, Google only looks for the "List-Unsubscribe" header, present in a very small number of newsletters, while Gmelius approach is more complete and leads to a significantly higher level of detection.

Make Gmail header visible on-demand

Make the Gmail header, that is the logo and search block, auto-expandable on demand and prioritize so the content of your inbox. If you enable this feature, Gmelius will add a new search button at the top-left of your inbox that will display/hide the header and auto-focus the search input. This feature includes a keyboard shortcut.

Automatically Cc or Bcc your emails

Gmelius can automatically Cc or Bcc your emails to recipients of your choice according to the address present in the "from" and "to" fields.

Return read receipts in Gmail

Return read receipts

Tired of people sending you emails to know if you have received and read their previous emails? Gmelius adds a receipt button to your favorite inbox - click on it and an email will be automatically sent to confirm the good reception of any new message.

Send and label

Gmelius helps you quickly categorize emails you're sending out with a label of your choice. Enable the feature in your Gmelius settings, and click the newly created button whenever you wish to send a message and classify it.

Save clicks, save time, stay organized.

Send and label emails in Gmail

Print cleaner emails

Save paper and money while being eco-friendly! Gmelius gives you the possibility to control the look of your printed emails, removing any Google branding, focusing on specific parts of your messages, and decreasing your overall paper consumption at home and in the office.

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When small changes make a big difference

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