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Every support ticket, project, sale starts with an email. Gmelius turns email into a collaborative and flexible channel to ensure all your teammates stay in sync while working from their favorite tools.

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August 2019
This Y Combinator company is the next big trend in tech.
Gmelius Reviews G2CROWD
The most used collaboration tool in our office!
We found a match with the needs of our team.

Teamwork, simplified 🙌

At Gmelius, we're pioneering a new market by transforming your existing stack of applications like Gmail, Slack, Trello or Hubspot into a powerful platform built around email.

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Allow your team to work from their chosen platform! Gmelius will ensure all your data is synced, in real-time, across your entire team, their chosen platforms and devices.

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Gmelius gives you and your teammates the choice of the platform by integrating with your favourite daily applications.

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