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Gmail, cleaner, smarter, the way you want it! Gmelius is a browser extension that helps you protect your privacy and boost your email productivity. Get it now for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

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{ /'Gmail'-'ius'/ where 'melius' means better in Latin. }

Experience a custom-tailored Gmail inbox

Gmelius proposes an intuitive and simple way to make Gmail the way you want it. Install the extension, activate the features you need in the options screen and Gmelius will do the rest. Whether you wish to regain some space in Gmail and enjoy a cleaner inbox or want to add new functionalities and make Gmail smarter, Gmelius has you covered.

Regain some space and enjoy a cleaner Gmail

Gmail UI can look a bit cluttered at times. Gmelius gives you the possibility to regain some space and to clean your inbox by removing or disabling diverse elements such as ads, the so-called people widget, hangout statuses, Google+ activity, Gmail footer, etc.

 WTF? No Ads in Gmail

Make Gmail header visible on-demand

Make the Gmail header, that is the logo and search block, auto-expandable on demand and prioritize so the content of your inbox. If you enable this feature, Gmelius will add a new search button   at the top-left of your inbox that will display/hide the header and auto-focus the search input. This feature includes a keyboard shortcut. Click on the search button besides to see this feature in action...

Detect & block Email tracking attempts in Gmail

Nowadays, more and more services track your email activity without your consent, making possible for the sender to know when, where and how many times you have read a message. Gmelius protects your privacy by detecting and blocking email trackers.

What is Email tracking

Gmelius Smart Tagging

Introducing the ease and power of hashtags to Gmail ! Categorize, add senders and apply labels to your outgoing emails on the fly, just by appending customized hashtags to the subject of your messages.

View demo video

Gmelius To-Do

A simple and intuitive To-Do list resting on Gmelius Smart Tagging. Gmelius will add a new DO button at the right of the compose button. Click on it to create a new To-Do entry and use hashtags to organize your to-do list, e.g. #today, #tomorrow.

Unsubscribe easily from Newsletters and Mailing lists

A new Unsubscribe button will replace the standard Spam button whenever Gmelius detects an email newsletter or a mailing list, making the whole unsubscription process fast and easy.

Follow-Up Important Emails

Gmelius will add a Send and Follow button making easy the categorization and listing of your outgoing and important emails into a new "Follow Up" section.

Restore Gmail old compose window

Among the masses who have experienced a sense of loss after Gmail introduced its new compose window? Don't worry, we have your back! Gmelius restores the compose window you've come to know and love.

Please note that this feature is no longer actively developed nor maintained since June 2014.

Customize Gmail compose window

Get a compose window that suits your needs! Whether you wish to make specific input fields* always visible and editable when composing a message or display all options in the formatting toolbar without any additional mouse click, Gmelius allows you to take control over the look and feel of the Gmail compose window.

E.g. From / To / Cc / Bcc / Subject of a reply.

Search Gmail from any Tab

Gmelius lets you search for emails in the address bar of your browser (so-called omnibox), just like you would perform a normal Google search. To initiate a search, type gml in the address bar followed by your query, e.g. gml from:[email protected].

Feature not supported by Mozilla Firefox.

Print cleaner Emails

Want your printed emails to look more professional or display more content on a single page? Gmelius helps you save paper and money while being eco-friendly!

Three different print stylesheets are available, depending on your use and needs:

  1. Gmelius SMART removes the Gmail logo and proposes cleaner printed documents with more content per page.
  2. Gmelius BUSINESS only prints the subject and body of a message. The right choice if you mainly print invoices, timesheets and work-related emails.
  3. Gmelius GRAPHIC only prints the body of a message. Ideal if you usually print emails with lots of graphic content, flyers and newsletters.

Use the dropdown on the left to get a better idea of the different print stylesheets proposed by Gmelius.

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Focus only on your emails and wipe out the noise added to your inbox by Gmail ads. Please note that Gmelius does not deactivate the automatic Gmail filtering and scanning system which allows Google to parse for keywords in your emails and then match and serve targeted ads when you browse the Web. For more information about Google ads, please read the Google Privacy section.

Gmelius Philosophy about Ad-avoidance

Besides the fact that hiding ads makes your inbox more readable, Gmelius implements such an option in order to decrease the amount of information we are forced to consume on a daily basis, pricing so higher our time and attention. The latter viewpoint is well summarized in this New Yorker article.

Gmelius has been successfully installed !

You should have been automatically redirected to the configuration screen of Gmelius. If not, copy and paste the following URL into your address bar :

Need help ?

Have a question about Gmelius or something not working right? Please read the FAQ first, if the answer is not available contact support.

Why does the Gmelius extension need to...

"Read and modify your data on"

Gmelius needs this permission to add its features to Gmail. It will never store, alter or transmit information present in your Gmail account. All your data stays on your computer, where it belongs. Read our Privacy Policy for more information.

"Read your browsing history"

Gmelius needs this permission to detect whether Gmail is running in an open window or tab.