Gmelius, the unique all-in-1 solution for Gmail.

Right inside your Gmail inbox
Compatible with Gmail & G Suite
George Steiner

Amazing, everyone should get this. Google should do everything you've done.


Ever felt overpowered by your inbox?

Take back control of your inbox, reduce your stress and boost your productivity. Feel better about unread emails by snoozing them or getting them in a to-do list, know when your messages are read, and schedule your work email to be sent at a reasonable time - even if it was written at 2am.

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Want your inbox to simplify teamwork?

Your email often needs a little more “we” and a little less “I”. Make your inbox collaborative by sharing labels, templates, notes and to-dos with your colleagues.

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Privacy / Security

Is your privacy protected?

Gmelius detects and blocks email trackers. Preventing your contacts to know when, where and how many times you have read a message.

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Enjoy seamless integration with your favorite inbox.

Quickly installed and easy to use, Gmelius seamlessly integrates with the inbox you and your team know and love.

Just install it, and enjoy! Icing on the cake, Gmelius comes pre-configured.


Snooze & read later

Keep track of important emails that you don't want to reply to straight away.


Send later

Schedule emails to be sent at a later date and time. Improve the likelihood they get read.


To-Do App

Turn emails into to-dos, track your progress and get things done (with Google Calendar integration).


Read receipts

See if emails you send get opened. Know who and when people have read your emails.



Add context to any conversation by adding notes only visible to you or your team.



Lighten your email workflow by creating customizable and re-usable message templates.



Follow-up on emails to which you have not received a response. Never forget to reconnect with a customer again.


CRM integration

Automatically copy recipients into the emails your write. Ideal to copy your messages to a CRM like Salesforce.


Markdown & GIF support

Save time formating your email. Gmelius integrates support for the Markdown syntax in your inbox and lets you use GIFs to spice up your messages.