Share emails with your team right from Gmail.

Share and delegate any email conversation with your team in one click or @mention. No more clunky Forward or Bcc. Discover the new way to share emails.
Email Sharing
No more endless fwd or bcc. Share and delegate any email conversation easily with the #1 Gmail Email Sharing Software.

De-clutter your team's inboxes

You no longer have to send Bcc’s and Forwards to pass along an email. Gmelius allows you to share emails in one click.

Email sharing increases visibility and transparency. Unlike Forwards and Bcc's, team members can view all replies and get a consolidated view of an email conversation.

Delegate and assign email conversations in Gmail and Slack

You may want to share an email with your team, or officially assign it.

Whether you prefer working in Gmail or Slack, you can easily delegate an email to a chosen teammate. Two clicks, and it will be automatically placed within their “Mine” folder, and synced in real-time into your “Assigned” folder.

Share emails with your team right from Gmail.
Share Emails in Gmail in One Click

Collaborate seamlessly with your team

Gmelius lets you @mention your teammates in an email note, which shares the respective email thread.

Chat with your team and collaborate faster behind the scenes.

Automate your team collaboration

Gmelius allows you to include email sharing when automating your workflows. Use our sequences to create “If this - Then that” flows.

For example, “If our client replies to this email, apply a certain label, assign it to a certain team member, and add it to our project board.”

Share Emails in Gmail in One Click

Explore our ever-expanding universe of integrations

Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture.

Want to build your own custom integration? Check out our Public API.
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