your workday in Gmail.

Gmail was not built to be a Help Desk, a CRM, a collaboration tool, ... Yet, your team uses it that way. Book a personalized demo and discover how Gmelius transforms Gmail into a true business workspace.

Gmelius seamlessly integrates with your existing tools.

Gmelius lives right in your Gmail inbox, letting your teammates work in an ecosystem they are comfortable with. You save time and money on migration, administration, and training.


Our Email collaboration solution scales with your needs.

Our unique architecture supports on a daily basis small and large organizations. Our largest customers count 5,000+ active collaborative inboxes and 10s of thousands of users.


We enforce a strict Privacy by Design model.

Our headquarters are in Switzerland, Europe, and privacy has always been proactively integrated into our platform. Unlike other services, Gmelius never stores the content of your emails.