How Merserwis uses Gmelius to deliver excellent customer service and Drive 20% YOY Growth

Before Gmelius everything was disconnected. We’re now able to integrate and automate as much as possible allowing us to focus on our main motto which is the customer always comes first.
Damian, CEO

Customer Stories

Merserwis is known throughout Poland and Eastern Europe as the leading provider of measurement, testing, and calibration equipment. Established in 1990 their excellent customer service has allowed them to build an impressive client list including small, medium and well known Companies like Intel, Airbus, Michelin and many more. 

The technical team behind Merserwis have always understood that customer satisfaction is key. Providing consistent customer service as they sell, distribute, and consult their clients requires a collaboration platform as precise as their equipment. This is where Gmelius comes in.

The Problem

Inefficient internal and external communications

The team at Merserwis was using a shared Gmail account with IMAP Client to manage their emails, but as their team size grew they quickly realized they would need a more scalable and reliable solution.

With a sales team that receives more than 100 emails per day, they needed a more efficient way to organize their inbox so they could interact with their customers in a better way. 

Avoid migrating to another solution

They began their digital transformation in 2017 with the goal of creating a system that would not only speed up customer interactions, but also integrate with their current stack. 

With email as their central channel of communication it was important for them to have a platform that integrated seamlessly with Gmail. They tested various solutions but always encountered issues. The search for their ideal platform finally led them to Gmelius.

The Solution

Unlock cross-team collaboration

Gmelius is now the central, cross-team collaboration platform from where Merserwis communicates internally and executes the great customer service they are known for. 

Gmelius is used across the entire company. The Sales and Technical teams are the heaviest users and they are able to seamlessly collaborate across departments.

Thanks to the integration of Gmelius with Gmail, it was possible to connect various tools and devices used inside their organization like IP telephony, ERP, CRM, Web Chat and many others in order to automate the workflows used at Merserwis.

“Everyone on the team is connected via Gmelius. Having shared information across all departments is very useful, especially in our highly-technical and fast-paced environment.”

- Damian, CEO

By using Shared Inboxes and Shared Labels to manage sales and support Merserwis can easily process and assign emails for clear accountability. No message ever gets lost! And with collision-detection and real-time synchronization across their entire stack everyone at Merserwis is always on the same page.

To improve internal communication they are using shared labels and email notes. They no longer have the need to cc and bcc each other in endless and confusing email threads. A quick @mention to colleagues across departments aligns their teams and provides clear visibility.

Optimize SLAs with workflow intelligence

The Merserwis team are using Gmelius to transform how they get work done. Combining optimized workflows and process automation has led to impressive results.

With the use of Gmelius Rules to automate their processes, response time - from an incoming sales email to respond with an offer - has been brought down to less than five minutes!

The final result is a highly technical company that has been growing at 20% YOY while maintaining their reputation for the best customer service in their industry. 

Merserwis’ Future with Gmelius

Since adding Gmelius to their digital transformation plans Merserwis has been able to minimize the amount of tools required to get their work done.

Gmelius public API allows Merserwis to even further optimize their workflows . The team can now build custom integrations between Gmelius and the rest of their stack to automate any grant work and and make the most of Gmelius flexibility.

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