Seguin Financial helps companies of all sizes streamline their back-office processes. Through financial services and consultations they empower their clients to become more efficient, reduce costs, and grow their business.

In order to deliver best in class service to their range of clients it’s important that Seguin Financial themselves have an ultra organized and efficient system. Team collaboration, organized communications and efficient workflows are a must. This is where Gmelius comes in.

The Problem

No clear email ownership

The team at Seguin Financial was having trouble managing their inbox. Incoming emails had to be manually forwarded to the proper team member with no clear way to track their progress. As their business grew so did their communications; they needed to find a way to clarify accountability with a system they could depend on.

“Before Gmelius we had to manually forward emails to team members or CC each other in long email threads. It became too difficult to manage our communications and properly serve our clients."

-Andrew, Founder

Lack of Visibility

As a fully remote team, it was key for Seguin Financial’s team to have clear visibility on project statuses. Founder Andrew Seguin wanted a transparent way to keep track of all their communications and team activities without having to depend on his staff to let him know of any issues.

Inefficient workflows

Their team needed to align communications directly into their workflows so they could better serve their clients. For example, if one of their staff was out of office it meant that messages will get missed and clients could be neglected. They were also wasting too much time on repetitive tasks that could be automated.

The Solution

Transparent Cross Team Collaboration

Seguin Financial’s team uses Gmelius to delegate emails making accountability clear. And when they want to collaborate across departments by sharing emails in Gmail they no longer need to clutter their inboxes with Bcc’s or Forwards. Emails are seamlessly passed off to the right team member.

Clear accountability with Email Ticketing

One of their team’s favorite Gmelius feature is the ability to treat emails as tickets which can be assigned, and closed when resolved. During tax season especially, they no longer have to worry about who is responsible for specific emails or even worse - any client emails getting missed.

Streamlined workflows 

The team at Seguin Financial have been able to save two minutes per email with Gmelius. This may not sound like a lot, but when you consider the amount of incoming emails they are managing - it saves them hours per month. 

In terms of everyday workflows, their bookkeeping operations require a lot of repetitive communications. Gmelius Email Templates help the team streamline their communications, and save time to focus on more important tasks.

Ultra organized inboxes 

Seguin Financial’s team uses more than 100 Gmelius shared labels to organize their communications. 

“Without Gmelius it would be impossible to organize and manage our communications!”

- Andrew, Founder

Thanks to Gmelius they are able to manage emails with ease and clarity. And Gmelius Shared Labels are linked to Gmelius Boards giving them a visual way to further organize their communications and the tasks that follow. 

Seguin Financial’s Future with Gmelius

Andrew and his team are looking forward to integrating more Gmelius features into their workflow. The Gmelius Meeting Scheduler and unique two-way integration with Slack will allow them to further minimize their stack of tools and become more efficient.

Gmelius is proud to be the team collaboration platform trusted by Seguin Financial to deliver value to their clients. 

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