The Power of Email Automation
The Power of Email Automation
Last updated:
November 28, 2023
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Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

Gone are the days of firing off a single email campaign and hoping for the best. Email automation allows you to create email sequences and campaigns that are triggered by a user’s actions. 

The result? 

Perfectly timed and highly personal emails that have higher open rates, higher click-through rates, increase website visits and improve conversion rates. 

Not convinced? Take a moment to let these stats sink in: 

  • Emails that are sent by a trigger have a massive 70.5% higher open rate.
  • Personalized email campaigns improve click-through rates by 14%.
  • Companies that use email marketing automation report an increase of 451% in qualified leads. 

Keen to find out more? Read this article to find out exactly what email automation is and the core benefits for your business.

What Is Email Automation?

Sending a one-off email campaign to an email list is email marketing — it’s effective and it’ll always have its place. But email automation supercharges it. 

Email automation is a pre-set email sequence or campaign that is triggered by a user’s actions. Here’s an example of how it might work in real life:

You’ve generated a lead on your website. The lead asked for your price list. Duly, you sent the quote, but, you didn’t hear back. 

After two weeks, your email automation kicks in and sends them a polite, but automatic, follow-up email. Two days later, you haven’t heard back, so it automatically sends another email offering a telephone meeting. Another three days go by and your email sequence sends an email with some form of incentive encouraging them to take action. 

Email automation saves you tons of time because you don’t need to manually create and send a series of emails every time a user takes a specific action. 

And the beauty is that when the user takes an action (e.g. books a meeting or replies to an email), it creates a trigger that stops the email automation. 

Email automation has a number of core benefits, as follows:

#1 Build Customer Relationships

Nurturing leads can be time-consuming. Leads may get missed, forgotten about, or your team may just be too busy to follow up with everyone. 

Also, not all leads are ready to convert at the point of the first email contact. Oftentimes, it can take multiple touches before a lead is ready to take further action. 

You can use email automation to build relationships with a lead over the long term. Ensure that your emails are relevant and engaging, allowing the lead to learn more about your business and increase their desire to make contact (or purchase) at a later date. 

#2 Save Time and Money

Each week, we do the same task multiple times. By automating emails, you can let the software handle these time-consuming, repetitive tasks. 

The email workflow automation handle all of the legwork while you and your team focus on other tasks. Leads can be nurtured in the background and encouraged to make contact when they’re ready, reducing your time spent chasing cold leads.

Of course, saving time saves money, but by running lead nurturing on autopilot, you also reduce the costs associated with sales calls. Plus, email automation is simple to set up, so you don’t need to hire expensive tech guys to get it up and running. 

#3 Reach Your Audience at the Right Time

Email sequences are triggered based on how a customer interacts with past communication, so inherently the emails sent are highly targeted to customers’ needs, at that moment. .

You can set conditional filters such as if opened, if not replied, clicked a link, etc., and trigger follow-up emails to reach their targets at the right time, all the time.

Personalization like this engages contacts and is highly beneficial in increasing the open rates and click-through rates of your emails.

#4 Analyze the Data

Email automation also comes with reporting functionality. You can see key data on email templates and email sequences to learn what worked and what didn’t. 

Reporting shows the whole team the number of email opens and the click-through rate, making everyone on the team more accountable. 

By viewing detailed reports you can quickly see which campaigns supported your marketing goals and your sales pipeline. You can easily pinpoint the areas which need improvement and empower your team. 

What Is Gmelius and How Does it Help Email Automation?

Gmelius transforms your inbox into a collaboration solution that automates your email outreach, while streamlining workflows and improving how your team collaborates. 

You can use Gmelius to turn your most effective and repetitive emails into Email Templates that can be personalized, optimized, and shared with your team. Or use Gmelius’ Email Sequences to prepare and send drip campaigns directly from Gmail.

Gmelius’ Email Templates and Email Sequences allow you to easily automate your email campaigns, which in turn drives more qualified leads, increases your email open rates, and generates more revenue.

The collaboration platform for Gmail.

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Cut to the chase...
Get started with the world's first shared inbox that lives in Gmail.
Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

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