Tired of Logging Into MailChimp?
Tired of Logging Into MailChimp?
Last updated:
November 28, 2023
Cut to the chase...
Get started with the world's first shared inbox designed for Gmail and Google Workspace.
Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.
Sunsetting Email Tracking
Email tracking has been discontinued and is not available for new Gmelius users due to new data protection laws (e.g., GDPR). You can learn more about the reasons behind this decision here.

Logging into workplace software has become a necessary but tedious task for many businesses. The process is easy, but when your team is doing it day in and day out, many times over, it becomes a pain point!

If you have a remote team with virtual assistants, working outside of the office, security concerns come into play and it's even more of an issue. Standalone applications which require separate logins are part of the problem.

For some Mailchimp users, this particular issue is annoying enough for them to search for a workable solution on Google. This also comes as Mailchimp looks to hold on to its customer base with their announcement on May 15 on their shift to a full marketing platform.

This shift, along with the issues of 3rd party platforms may be the deciding factor in SMB's searching for a more native and integrated solution. Especially those organizations using Gmail and G suite.

The Integrated Email and Marketing Solution of Gmelius

From the start, Gmelius was developed to transform your Gmail inbox into a workspace for your company with light CRM capabilities to address the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

For the tens of millions of SMBs around the world, many of the email management and marketing solutions in the marketplace are overkill. The price and complexity are not suited to the demands and requirements of this group. Gmelius delivers on these and other points.

To begin with, Gmelius lives and works in Gmail, so the pain point Mailchimp users feel about logging in is solved right away. Sign into your Gmail account and you instantly have access to the Gmelius toolset. No need to login into another application. No need to learn another platform. And once you log in, you can communicate, collaborate with your team, assign tasks, launch marketing campaigns, provide customer service and support, track and schedule emails, and much more.

These and all other functions are available within your Gmail inbox, which includes Campaigns and Sequences to support your marketing strategy.

Track Your Email in Campaigns

Creating a Gmelius campaign is a simple process. Name your campaign, upload your contact spreadsheet, select your customs variables for personalization, and track your campaign - without leaving your Gmail inbox.

Email Campaign

Activating the email tracking takes just one toggle. But once you activate it, you’ll get a slew of data every time an email is opened.

The email tracking suite within Gmelius is a robust feature with detailed information about how your recipients interact with your email. This includes per-recipient tracking on who opened your email from a batch or group.

Campaign's Report

These are tools normally associated with costly specialized marketing solutions, but Gmelius makes it available at prices even the smallest of businesses can afford.  But it doesn’t stop there.

As a consolidated solution with tools which are inter-operable, Campaigns uses Sequences so you can send personalized drip emails with a timely course of action to create value.

Create Value with Automated Email Sequences

You'll notice a pattern developing in the way Gmelius works with one tool to the next or together as a whole. It’s this integration which delivers great value for our users - especially small and mid-sized businesses.

In the case of Sequences, you can combine Follow-up, Recurring Emails, and Email Scheduling features for added personalization and delivery.

Using Sequences, you are able to set multiple conditional actions in the delivery of your emails in single or multi-stage campaigns. And by simply clicking on the analytics button, you see the recipients you have enrolled in the different stages of the sequences.

If they don’t respond, Gmelius will use the Smart Follow-ups tool to bring up the individual emails into the top of your inbox. By setting follow-up reminders, you’ll ensure all of your unanswered emails will get your attention until they are answered or another action is taken.

The flexibility of Gmelius introduces new ways you can use it for your marketing and email management. This flexibility is essential for the way businesses communicate and collaborate across digital channels.

Exploit the Flexibility of Gmelius

When Gmelius was first designed, it was with the goal of integrating a range of email management solutions without taking away from the look, feel and functionality of your Gmail inbox.

So, when you log in to your Gmail account, Gmelius doesn’t overwhelm or take away from the overall experience. But delve a little deeper and you’ll uncover feature after feature which have been developed to work seamlessly together.

The interoperability and flexibility allow you to find new use cases and exploit Gmelius to boost the productivity of your company across the board. If you use Gmail or G Suite as your email client, your inbox will become a central hub of productivity, transparency, and accountability.

The accountability part of the Gmelius workflow is what ensures everyone in your team will have to account for their actions. With Kanban Boards, Shared Inboxes, Email Notes, Tracking, and Stamping, you’ll know what is taking place with every stage of your emails journey - in and out of your organization.

Email Stamping is a good example of this accountability. Using its Blockchain-powered architecture Gmelius has developed a truly innovative way to prove you sent the email you sent. This is accomplished by anchoring the associated data into the Ethereum blockchain.

The proven secure protocol of blockchain technology and performance means the emails are protected and they will arrive, backed by proof, to their intended destination. And this accountability permeates throughout Gmelius.

Why so many redundancies for the accountability of each user? Because true productivity relies on everyone doing their part. And if they can’t perform the task, real-time communication means you can assign it to the next available person.

There is no question Mailchimp does a lot of things well, but it can’t be all things to all users and use cases.

Understanding this will lend a greater appreciation for the things Gmelius does well. Not as a behemoth with little room for flexibility, but as a solution which currently improves the team workflow of more than 150,000 professionals.

The collaboration platform for Gmail.

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Cut to the chase...
Get started with the world's first shared inbox that lives in Gmail.
Cut to the chase...
Turn your most effective emails into smart templates you can share with your team in Gmail.

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