Send personalized emails to multiple prospects from your Gmail or G Suite account. Automate and analyze your outreach with mail merge in Gmail.

Send emails to an entire CSV list

Quickly send personalized emails to entire contact lists with mail merge in Gmail. Send at the date and time of your choosing. You no longer have to choose between quantity and quality when it comes to your email outreach.

Mail Merge for Gmail and G Suite.

Personalize your emails with custom variables

Once your contact list is imported, Gmelius extracts all the columns of your contact spreadsheet as potential variables to use to personalize your email copy.

Variables are yours to create and could include: first name, date of birth, company name, dietary restrictions, etc.

Try now, it's free
Try now, it's free
Mail Merge for Gmail

Monitor the performance of your campaigns

Emails sent through a Gmail mail merge campaign offer you the same activity details as any tracked emails. You can see how each individual recipient interacted with your email with open rate statistics.

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