The shared inbox built for  Gmail

Let your teams manage group emails like support@ or info@ faster and better. Simplify email collaboration by replacing cluttered Google Groups, team aliases, and external Help Desks with a shared inbox designed for Gmail.
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We offer the leading shared inbox solution in the market and here is why.

Gmelius seamlessly integrates with your existing tools.

Gmelius lives right in your Gmail inbox, letting your teammates work in an ecosystem they are comfortable with. You save time and money on migration, administration, and training.

Our Email collaboration solution scales with your needs.

Our unique architecture supports on a daily basis small and large organizations. Our largest customers count 5,000+ active shared inboxes and 10s of thousands of users.
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We enforce a strict Privacy by Design model.

Our headquarters are in Switzerland, Europe, and privacy has always been proactively integrated into our platform. Unlike other services, Gmelius never stores the content of your emails.
Shared Inbox Collision

Increase transparency and accountability with shared inboxes

Tired of bloated Google Groups, cluttered distribution lists, insecure password sharing, and endless Cc's? We feel you!

Gmelius makes email collaboration clear. Assign emails to specific teammates, run internal conversations on the side of an email, and much more.

Assign your conversations

Deliver stellar customer service right from Gmail

Bring help desk functionalities inside Gmail by creating a team inbox. No need to migrate your data or learn another tool. Simply turn emails into actionable tickets, change their statuses, and add tags for additional context.

Automate your workflows

Automate your daily workflows

Stop all grunt work with smart automation rules. Automatically assign emails based on your team's workload and easily meet internal performance goals with SLA policies.

Let your team streamline their outreach with automatic email replies, meeting invites, customizable email templates, and more.

Shared Inbox in Kanban view

Visualize your workflows with Kanban boards in Gmail

Organize shared inboxes with visual Kanban boards and distribute your team's workload by dragging and dropping conversations from one column to another. Convert emails into task cards, prioritize them, add sub-tasks and set due dates.

Team analytics

Analyze and improve team performance

Gain insights on email traffic and distribution with Gmail analytics for each shared inbox. Monitor the progress of every teammate, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and easily hit your company goals.

Integrate Gmelius with Slack

Collaborate on emails both in Gmail and Slack

Integrate your shared inbox with Slack to be notified of important emails and avoid app switching.

With our 2-way integration, you can easily add notes, assign teammates and even reply to emails from Slack. Let your team save time without needless back and forth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shared inbox?

A shared inbox is an inbox that makes it possible for multiple people to receive, read, manage, and reply to conversations sent to a specific email address - usually generic email addresses such as info@, support@, sales@, help@, accounts@, or careers@.

Differently from Google Groups and Help Desks, a shared mailbox is accessible from the personal inboxes of its members. In the case of Gmelius, a shared inbox lives right inside the respective Gmail inboxes of your teammates.

How to create a shared inbox?

Just click the button below to book a quick session with our team to get you started. We'll detail your needs and current setup, help you create a shared inbox and onboard your team.

I wish to create my first shared inbox
Can I have users from different domains part of my shared inboxes?

Yes, you can invite any user or company as long as they have Gmail or Google Workspace accounts. Furthermore, our Pro plan makes it possible to create specific groups if you need to segment users part of your subscription per client, department, ...

faster responses
to emails
less time spent
distributing work
saved per teammate
every month

What our customers are saying.

A must have to add on to your law firm's Google Workspace
I love that Gmelius resides within Google Workspace. The last thing my team needs is another account to log into each day. Gmelius seamlessly adds so much to our gmail inbox. Many law firms had a fast and hard pivot to creating remote team workflows. Mine was no different. Gmelius has made it easier for us to see what our teammates are doing, to make sure that there are no communications gaps and the visual project (case) management using KanBan board feature is a godsend for our firm.
Debra Whitson
Law Firm Owner
We're lucky to have found it!
We were looking for a way to collaborate on customer and client issues without a proliferation of email chains or people falling through the cracks and Gmelius does this really well.
Small Business
We use Gmelius to communicate internally
We use Gmelius to communicate internally and provide the best legal service possible. During the time that the application is being used by us there has been a noticeable improvement in communication and service.
It is a great tool for team collaboration
Helps us get a common picture on a project. It is really helpful especially when working in an organization and you have a lot of projects that you are working with, it helps organize them and allows all the teammates in an organization have access to the important data that everyone needs to be aware of.
Alma Grace
Could not work without it
We are now able to have greater visibility of the whole teams emails. Improving efficiency and providing a better service and response time to clients across the board.
Small Business
Gmelius is wonderful
Gmelius has been instrumental in helping our team become much more efficient. I don't want to think of a time before Gmelius.
Great communication tool!
Being able to chat and discuss emails with my team and coworkers has helped us be collaborative and efficient!
Administrator in Real Estate
Gmelius is a game changer!
My favorite features: 1. The ability to tag colleagues in notes and share emails without needing to forward. This keeps all of our email threads neat and easy to follow and we all stay up to date with any replies...
Small Business

Turn your inbox into your favorite workspace,  with Gmelius. 

No accidentally unanswered emails
No duplicate responses
No surprise missed deadlines
No endless CCs and impossibly long threads
No desperate messages to your teammate on vacation
Shared Inbox in Gmail with Gmelius