The shared inbox built for Gmail.

Let your teams manage group emails like support@ or info@ faster and better. Simplify email collaboration by replacing cluttered Google Groups, team aliases, and external help desk with a Gmail shared inbox.
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Shared Inbox Gmail
Shared inbox in Gmail

10,000 teams reinvented the way they use Email.
Featured as the next big trend in tech by Forbes. #futureofwork

Shared Inbox Collision

Increase transparency and accountability with Gmail shared inboxes

Tired of bloated Google Groups, cluttered distribution lists, insecure password sharing, and endless Cc's? We feel you!

Gmelius makes email collaboration clear. Assign emails to specific teammates, run internal conversations on the side of an email, and much more.

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Assign your conversations

Deliver stellar customer service right from Gmail

Bring help desk functionalities inside Gmail by creating a shared team inbox. No need to migrate your data or learn another tool. Simply turn emails into actionable tickets, change their statuses, and add tags for additional context.

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Automate your workflows

Automate your daily workflows

Stop all grunt work with smart automation rules. Automatically assign tickets based on your team's workload and easily meet internal performance goals with SLA policies.

Let your team streamline their outreach with automatic email replies, meeting invites, customizable email templates, and more.

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Shared Inbox in Kanban view

Visualize your workflows with Kanban boards in Gmail

Organize shared inboxes with visual Kanban boards without leaving Gmail. Convert emails into task cards, prioritize them, add sub-tasks and set due dates.

Bridge the gap between emails and projects, helping teams collaborate faster without endless app switching. Customize your boards according to your needs and easily drive projects through completion.

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Automate your workflows

Analyze and improve team performance

Gain insights on email traffic and distribution with Gmail analytics for each shared inbox. Monitor the progress of every teammate, identify and resolve bottlenecks, and easily hit your company goals.

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Other features you're going to love ...

Kanban Boards

Bridge the gap between emails and projects. Monitor and distribute tasks visually right inside Gmail.

Collision Detection

Avoid embarrassing double-replies. Get notified when a teammate is replying to an email you're seeing.


Control the status of each email. Mark it as "Pending" if waiting for some details and "Closed" once it's handled.

Automation & SLA Rules

Automate grunt work with smart rules. Automatically distribute workload, set auto-replies, and more.


Categorize conversations and add visual contextual clues, in real time, across your teams and their devices.

Notes & @Mention

Add context to shared conversations, ping teammates, and chat with them on the right side of your Gmail inbox.

Live Feed & Notifications

Stay in the know with real-time updates in Gmail, push notifications on the desktop, mobile, and in Slack.


Track critical email KPIs, gain project insights, analyze team performance inside each workspace, and more.

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