Gmelius vs Hiver: Comparing Online Collaboration Solutions
Gmelius vs Hiver: Comparing Online Collaboration Solutions
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November 28, 2023
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When searching for an email collaboration solution for your business, choosing the best option for you may be challenging. Email collaboration adds efficiency to your workflow and builds communication amongst your team. While many solutions are available to enhance team collaboration, we have outlined a comparison of two similar tools: Gmelius vs. Hiver.

What Is Hiver? 

Hiver is a collaboration software that offers a Gmail-based helpdesk for customer-facing teams. Hiver helps teams assign and track emails coming to a shared customer service account. 

For example, this would be a shared inbox like orders@[companyname].com or support@[companyname].com. Teams can access shared inboxes inside Gmail, delegate incoming emails, write notes to team members, and track critical metrics and team analytics. 

Best for industries in education, non-profits, travel, manufacturing, information technology, logistics, real estate and financial services. 

What Is Gmelius? 

Gmelius is an all-inclusive communication and collaboration tool that helps team members control their emails, improve communication, and effectively distribute their workload—all while living in the Gmail ecosystem. 

Gmelius improves collaboration by replacing cluttered Google Groups with a Gmail shared inbox tool. As a result, teams can assign and delegate emails, share email drafts and Gmail labels, track team analytics, and organize emails into tasks with Kanban boards. Furthermore, Gmelius offers integrations options to combine the features of Gmelius with other communication and collaboration applications.  

Best for industries in software, supply chain, logistics, legal, real estate, accounting and financial services.

Gmelius vs. Hiver—Which Solution Is Best for Your Team?

Gmelius and Hiver offer similar features, but one solution may work best for your company. Let’s explore the key differences. 

Shared Email Inbox 

A shared inbox allows more than one person to send, receive, and manage emails from the same email address. So whether your team works in the same office or remotely across the country, teams can collaborate via one platform. 

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius lets your teams manage group emails like support@[company].com or info@[companyname].com faster and better right inside Gmail. Teams can delegate assignments to specific team members and run internal conversations on the side of an email. Additionally, Gmelius lets you share unlimited inboxes, other features of Google such as labels and drafts, and even specific single conversations.

Hiver ✅ Offers a simple shared inbox solution right inside Gmail. Teams can easily delegate emails, tag employees, and track email status’ with one click. Hiver offers unlimited shared inboxes but only allows teams to share entire inboxes rather than specify what can be shared with certain team members. 

Email Notes and Tagging 

Email notes add context to emails to improve team communication.

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius offers email notes for Gmail so teams can collaborate on the side of any customer or internal email, @mention team members, or attach a document. Use the unique 2-way integration with Slack to be notified and reply from Slack without switching back to Gmail. 

Hiver ✅ Hiver allows teams to leave notes on the side of customers or internal emails and @mention colleagues without leaving Gmail. 

Shared Gmail Labels

Rather than folders, Gmail offers labels for better email organization. 

Gmelius ✅ By sharing Gmail labels, teams can synchronize conversations in real-time and manage and organize company or client projects in Gmail. Labels can also be synchronized with Slack or Trello. 

Hiver 🆇 Currently, Hiver doesn't have a comparable option.

Shared Drafts and Email Templates 

Collaborating on shared email drafts and templates helps teams streamline workflow and improve processes.

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius offers shared email drafts so they can notify their team by pinging them, share feedback, and easily create perfect replies as a team. Your team will also be able to turn your most effective and repetitive emails into Gmail templates that can be personalized and shared with your team. 

Hiver ✅ With shared email drafts in Hiver, teams can easily manage discussions in real-time without multiple replies and forwards. Hiver also offers Gmail templates to turn your most frequently used emails into templates and share them with your team.

Kanban Boards

Kanban boards are a visual project management tool to help organize tasks amongst teams. 

Gmelius ✅ With Gmelius, teams can convert any email conversation into a task card and manage inboxes and projects visually with Gmail Kanban boards. Boards are customizable and can help teams manage projects without confusion on status. Features like sub-tasks and due dates make project management easier and more efficient. 

Hiver 🆇 Currently, Hiver doesn't have a comparable option.


Automation helps streamline workflow to save company time on menial tasks. 

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius lets your team focus on what matters by automating your company’s day-to-day processes using simple “if this - then that” rules. Teams can automatically assign email conversations based on your team’s workload, send email autoresponders, apply SLA (service level agreement) policies, add labels, tags, and more. Gmelius also offers email tracking and outreach automation. 

Hiver ✅ Hiver allows teams to set rules to automate customer service workflows, assign emails, add labels, and track SLAs. 

Meeting Scheduler 

Scheduling and coordinating meetings are an integral part of the workday. 

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius helps automate the meeting scheduling process with an innovative meeting scheduler tool. Teams can share their calendar availability right inside of an email and send pre-meeting questionnaires or reminders and integrate with their video conferencing tools. 

Hiver 🆇 Currently, Hiver doesn't have a comparable option.


Team analytics give management a clear picture of team performance and help identify areas that need improvement. 

Gmelius ✅ Gmelius’ team analytics give managers a detailed understanding at the team and individual levels. Management can control email traffic and distribution and measure team productivity over weeks and months. Gmelius can keep track of analytics for response time and time to close an email/ticket, tag analytics, and business hours, giving your organization  the most precise picture. Also, multiple workspaces can be analyzed simultaneously, providing a bigger picture for a specific team or employee.

Hiver ✅ Hiver’s analytics clearly show how your customer service team is performing with user reports, conversion reports, customer satisfaction survey (CSAT) reports, and tag reports. 

What Sets Gmelius Apart 

To achieve proper teamwork in Gmail, you need more than a help desk that lives in Gmail. That’s where Gmelius comes in. While Gmelius and Hiver share many similarities, what primarily sets Gmelius apart is the ability to take a Gmail shared inbox one step further with more collaboration features. 

For example, Gmelius offers API (application programming interface) and unique two-way integrations with Slack, Trello, and Zapier. Gmelius seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar and Google Meet, making it an ideal solution for Google Workspace users. This allows your team to sync projects and email conversations while still managing everything via one platform: Gmail. 

While the pricing of both Gmelius and Hiver is competitive, with both solutions offering a 7-day free trial, Gmelius starts plans at $12 per month, while Hiver’s lowest plan begins at $15. 

If you find yourself looking to explore the many features of Gmelius or want to try a free trial, contact us to try out our features and integrations and learn how Gmelius is built to improve team communication and collaboration. Ready to get started? Sign up today!

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