Still emailing about email? Email Notes are here to help.

Chat and collaborate on emails in real-time without leaving Gmail, or Slack. Email Notes make it possible to add context to any email conversation, and get instant feedback.

Work together and chat behind the scenes

Add collaborators on any customer email. Collaborators can view the entire thread, while being invisible to external recipients.

Add information (such as to-dos and findings) to provide more context to a specific email conversation.

@Mention teammates so you can detail actions you need them to take, ask for feedback or just keep them in the loop.

Be notified in Gmail and Slack to move faster - together

Use our Slack integration to be notified both in Gmail and Slack, and never miss anything.

Gmelius integrates Gmail and Slack 2-way so you can even reply from Slack. No need to switch back and forth between apps.

Try now, it's free
Try now, it's free

Provide extra context with attachments & Loom videos

Show, don't tell. Or in other words, share details on the side of an email in the best suitable format. Add attachments of all types, create video notes, and exchange screen recordings to provide more insights in one place.