Craft ideal replies with shared email drafts

Share email drafts with your team to make sure your clients and suppliers get the most effective replies. Review drafts before sending, provide feedback, find the right words together, and easily create perfect replies as a team.
Shared Email Drafts
Share email drafts and collaborate on their edition with your team inside Gmail. Say yes to perfect email responses and wave goodbye to double replies.

Collaborate on email drafts with your team

Need a second pair of eyes before replying to a client or supplier? Share email drafts with your teammates for revision without having to resend different versions outside of your inbox.

Remain in the know to avoid double replies

With Gmelius, you not only know when your teammate is viewing or replying to an email, but you also know when somebody is editing a shared email draft in real-time.

Craft ideal replies with shared email drafts
Shared Email Draft Solution for Gmail

Notify your team when their help is needed

Bring in the right teammate to work on an email draft together. Simply hit the Ping button, and selected teammates will receive an instant notification, both in Gmail and Slack.

Explore our ever-expanding universe of integrations

Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture.

Want to build your own custom integration? Check out our Public API.
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Just a few of the changes you can expect once Gmelius is part of your company's daily workflow. Results from our FY22 customer survey including 429 respondents.

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