Create and share email templates in Gmail.

Turn your most effective and repetitive emails into Gmail templates you can personalize and share with your team. You'll save hours on copy-pasting and editing emails by inserting templates in seconds.

Send emails in one click or keystroke

Insert carefully crafted emails or snippets inside your compose window in one click or using a backslash within the body and subject of a Gmail draft.

Build your own library of reply-worthy emails thanks to categories and use Gmelius powerful search engine to find the one you need quickly.

Automatically personalize emails

Gmelius templates offer advanced features such as the use of variables to include recipients' names as well as automatic cc and bcc rules and labeling.

Create beautiful HTML templates via our source code editor and insert as many custom variables as you need thanks to moustache variables {{•••}}.

Try now, it's free
Try now, it's free

Share performing emails with your team

Make the most of your highly performing emails, share and sync all or specific templates with anyone on your team. This also ensures all clients receive consistent info.