Let your contacts schedule meetings in one click

Automate the entire appointment scheduling process with our Gmail meeting scheduler. Share your calendar availability, send pre-meeting questionnaires or reminders, and seamlessly integrate with Google Meet and Google Calendar.
Meeting Scheduler
Automate the appointment scheduling with a meeting scheduler for Gmail. Share your calendar availability, set reminders & integrate with your daily apps.

Insert your availability into emails

No more emailing back and forth, and having to leave your inbox to schedule meetings. Your recipients book a time with you and Gmelius will handle the rest.

Send confirmations, pre-meeting questionnaires, and automated reminders at a time of your choice.

Connect with your favorite tools

Integrate with your favorite video conferencing app, and add meeting invites with Zoom or Google Meet links right inside your emails.

Link the Google Calendar of your choice to synchronize meetings and align the availability of your attendees.

Let your contacts schedule meetings in one click
Online Appointment Scheduling Software for Google Workspace

Automate and simplify your team’s workflows

Put your workflows and pre-meeting communications on auto-pilot.

Create shareable email templates, sequences, and campaigns with pre-configured meeting invites. It's never been easier to collaborate with your team and schedule perfect meetings.

Explore our ever-expanding universe of integrations

Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture.

Want to build your own custom integration? Check out our Public API.
faster responses
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Just a few of the changes you can expect once Gmelius is part of your company's daily workflow. Results from our FY22 customer survey including 429 respondents.

It's time to take back control of your workday

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