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Integrate Gmail with Slack

Integrate Gmail with Slack to bolster team collaboration and remove silos by syncing your teams' communications with our unique two-way integration. Watch Gmelius in action here:
2-way Gmail to Slack integration

Now that you’ve seen the kind of cosmic forces Gmelius commands, let’s expand on what else this powerful integration can offer.

Integrate Gmail with Slack For Team Collaboration 

Collaborating via email can be challenging. Often, team members work remotely or use a hybrid model, limiting the ability to connect in person or without home distractions. If your team uses a shared inbox, you can integrate your Gmelius shared inboxes and Gmail labels with your Slack channels. Team members can collaborate on email conversations, add internal notes to email threads, change email statuses, assign emails to others, and even reply to emails—all without leaving Slack. Everything syncs in real-time across every team member and their devices, both in Gmail and Slack.

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Simplify Communications Across Teams 

Do some of your teams live in Gmail while others work from Slack? Our Gmail to Slack two-way integration lets your teams stay in sync, regardless of the platform each team member prefers to use. Whether your teams work in Gmail or Slack, they'll get real-time notifications whenever a new email arrives in their inbox, gets assigned, or has an internal email note attached for support.

Save Time and Reduce Channel Dispersion 

Composing email responses is time-consuming. When you integrate Gmail with Slack, you no longer need to switch between multiple tools and waste time monitoring separate conversations about the same topic. All your emails are synced with your Slack channels, giving you access to all the best features for optimized collaboration. Say goodbye to constant tab-switching! 

Limit Distractions and Increase Focused Work 

Distractions can cause negative implications for organizations. Messages from separate communication platforms can cause employees to halt what they are doing to address a message. And if the message is on Slack, we can assume it requires an immediate response. Your team may address multiple Slack messages throughout the day, constantly hindering productive and focused work. Our Gmail and Slack integration allows team members to address Slack pings right from their inboxes. No distractions equals increased team productivity. 


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