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Discover the #1 alternative to Yesware!

Gmelius transforms Gmail into a team collaboration platform with shared inboxes, Trello-like boards, and workflow automation.

Yesware users are searching for a more robust solution and Gmelius is clearly the best alternative.

You no longer have to use multiple tools to handle your core operations. Gmelius, conveniently integrated into your Gmail, becomes your team’s workspace for sales automation, pipeline management, and all the communications required to keep everyone on the same page.

Why are Yesware users switching to Gmelius? Here are the top 5 reasons. 

#1 – Gmail native

Easy to use and dependable

Gmail inbox showing Gmelius as the best alternative to Yesware.

Gmelius lives in Gmail – transforming your familiar inbox into your team’s workspace.

With a near-zero learning curve to use Gmelius, your team is empowered on day one of installation. No need to learn another platform or waste time managing the data in between them. 

#2 – Workflow automation

Your team’s virtual assistant

Gmelius sequences that automate workflows without leaving Gmail.

Gmelius sequences can automate much more than your email outreach. 

You can create shareable smart sequences with “If This – Then That” instructions. From email drip campaigns to your team’s internal workflows. 

#3 – Team collaboration 

Shared inboxes and Gmail shared labels

Gmail shared inboxes with Gmelius

Gmelius offers a suite of collaboration features designed to bring your team together – their communications and the teamwork that follows. 

#4 – Trello-like boards

Monitor your pipelines

Gmelius showing Trello-like project boards without leaving Gmail.

Gmelius boards give you clear visibility over your client and project pipelines – without having to leave your inbox. 

You can turn emails into task cards with one click and add them to your team boards. Everyone is now on the same page with a visual representation of communications, accountability, and necessary actions. 

Gmelius was built for teams. Try it for free.

Gmail is great but Gmelius makes it so much more powerful. We’ve tried Boomerang and Yesware but Gmelius is by far the best in this category.

Gene Persall, Big Sky Trading

Lina Yakunina
Lina Yakunina Product Marketing Manager
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