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Florian Bersier
Florian Bersier
CEO & Founder

New user feedback is showing us that Yesware users are searching for a more robust solution. For teams requiring more than email tracking, and sales and marketing tools – Gmelius is proving to be the best alternative .

You no longer have to use multiple tools to handle your core operations. Gmelius, conveniently integrated into your Gmail, becomes your hub for sales automation, pipeline management, and all the communications required to keep everyone on the same page.

Small businesses such as sales teams, Real Estate and Marketing agents, and Law Firms appreciate the additional features Gmelius offers; especially our kanban boards to systemize pipeline management, and our extensive automation tools that 10x your results.

Email Management
Gmelius boosts the email features offered by Yesware, equipping your team with a suite of tools to automate, collaborate, and grow faster.
Shared Inbox

Manage shared inboxes such as support@ or sales@. Transform your Gmail into a Helpdesk.

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Shared Labels

Create shareable Gmail labels for each client, and project.

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Email Notes

Add context to emails with private shareable messages. One try of our Email Notes and you’ll quickly see the difference.

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Email Delegation

Assign emails to team members with automatic syncing.

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Gmelius allows you to “If this — then that” your email flows based on your chosen triggers. Sequences put your outreach on autopilot with systemized and timely communications.
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Project Management
Gmelius’ kanban boards become central to project visualization and pipeline management. Turn emails into tasks, add them to boards, and share them with your team for unified execution.
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100% Swiss made and GDPR compliant. We even prevent email forgery thanks to a unique Blockchain architecture.
User Interface (UI)
Ex-Yesware users are loving our platform. Designed from the ground up for simplicity and dependability.

Our singular focus is to empower small and medium-sized teams using Gmail and G-suite. If your organization has less than 100 team members – give Gmelius a try. We’re confident your team will join our network of satisfied users.

I switched to Gmelius from a competitor earlier this year and I could not be happier with that. I rediscovered some CRM features that I have missed before. Highly recommend.

Olivier Hamel, Co-founder @Prodibi
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