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Google Meet is a communication tool for easy-to-join video and voice meetings.
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Google Meet

Share your availability and let your recipients schedule Google Meet calls in one click right inside an email.
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Gmelius Google Meet integration

Gmelius Meeting Scheduler lets you easily schedule Google Meet meetings and calls without leaving Gmail. Align your availability with your Google Calendar, add context with meeting details, send invites with auto-reminders - directly from your inbox.

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Schedule meetings in one click

With Gmelius Meeting Scheduler you no longer have to send emails back and forth to agree on a meeting time. Share your availability with personalized Google Meet invites, pre-meeting questionnaires and automated reminders directly from your compose window.

Send Google Meet invites on the go

Your meeting invites are available at your fingertips. Send invites using any modern web browser on your computer or with Gmelius mobile app for Android and iOS.

Align meetings with your Google Calendar

Every time someone books a meeting with you, Gmelius Meeting Scheduler will automatically synchronize meeting details with your Google Calendar.

Simplify your teams' processes

No need to recreate similar meeting types over and over again - simply duplicate and share them with your team members. Let your team be even more efficient by adding Google Meet invites to your shareable email templates, sequences, and smart drip campaigns.


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Build custom integrations with Gmelius API.

Create unique solutions between Gmelius and the rest of your tech stack. Our core collaboration features, including shared email conversations and Kanban boards are available for your customization.

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Gmelius API
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Sync your project management tool with kanban boards in Gmail

Sync your Project Management app with Kanban boards in Gmail

Tired of endlessly switching between your project management software (like Asana, Monday, Basecamp or Jira) and project conversations in Gmail?

Synchronize emails with your project platform or import your project boards inside Gmail. Your updates will reflect in both apps, in real time.

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Integrate your CRM with Gmail using Gmelius API

Route emails to the right person based on ownership in your CRM

Spend time constantly checking ownership in HubSpot or Salesforce?

Automatically distribute emails and tasks within your Shared Inboxes and project boards depending on your teammates’ responsibilities.

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Bring actionable customer insights inside Gmail

Bring actionable customer insights inside Gmail

Have an eCommerce platform like Shopify, Prestashop or Magento?

Break silos, by synchronizing important customer details, like purchase history or actionable insights, with your email threads via internal Email Notes. 

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Sync your email data with your local database

Sync email data with your local database

Create backups and generate custom reports in a matter of seconds.

Automatically export new contacts and email conversations from Gmail and store them in Google Sheets or any other external database. Every time a new email lands in your inbox, a new line will be created in your database.

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Build unique automation solutions tailored for your workflows with Gmelius API

Build unique automation solutions tailored for your workflows

Do you have a specific workflow automation rule in mind?

Create custom automation workflows with our APIs. Automatically categorize and archive your conversations, trigger and assign follow up tasks, add custom tags to your tasks and emails, and more.

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The shared inbox built for Gmail.

The Gmelius API is available under Gmelius Growth and Enterprise plans.
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Before you start building your custom integration, check our unique 2-way integrations that we've already built for your stack.

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