Nori is on a mission to tackle climate change by making it easy for companies and individuals to offset their carbon footprint. Through the sale of Nori Removal Tonnes (NRTs) a 1:1 measure of CO2, they incentivize the direct removal of carbon from our atmosphere.  

To do this Nori manages a two-sided marketplace built on an open source blockchain infrastructure. They make it as easy as possible for their customers, but behind the scenes, it’s a complex operation with a lot of moving parts. This is where Gmelius comes in.

The Problem

Lack of accountability

Similar to many growing companies, members of Nori’s team were logging into the same email account. This led to confusing email streams and a lack of accountability causing them to miss important messages. 

“Before Gmelius we didn't have a good way to segment emails and address them with the proper people in our team... And now we can."

— Alexsandra, Director of Corporate Development

Limitations of Google Groups

Nori’s team attempted to use Google Groups but things quickly got out of hand. Most professional teams quickly realize that it was not designed for real-time collaboration; we’ve written in the past about the limitations of Google Groups.

Overload of tools

Nori’s team added the most commonly used tools into their stack. Trello to manage projects, Slack for internal communication, and Hubspot as a CRM. Independently they all work fine. But getting all these tools to work together in a seamless and intuitive way is another story. 

These are the typical pain points suffered by growing teams and exactly what led the Nori team to search for a solution - a search that led them to Gmelius.

The Solution

Efficiently manage incoming emails with Gmelius

Nori’s team is now able to efficiently deal with a high volume of emails. Their various stakeholders including buyers, farmers, and partners each get the attention they deserve.

“Gmelius allows us to quickly categorize and segment emails, assign them to the right people which means we won’t leave any requests unanswered."

— Alexsandra, Director of Corporate Development

With the use of Shared Inboxes and Email Assignments, accountability is made clear and no message gets lost or mishandled.

Minimize and consolidate tools with Gmelius

Thanks to Gmelius, the Nori team can depend on a fewer number of tools and more efficiently work with the ones they have.

Gmail and Slack integration

Nori’s team was glad to hear that Gmelius integrates Gmail and Slack in a two-way sync. This will allow them to connect their shared inboxes and shared labels into their corresponding Slack channels.

For those that prefer to work from Slack, they can manage their inbox activity and Gmelius features without bouncing in and out of platforms.

Nori’s Future with Gmelius

Gmelius has brought accountability and organization to Nori’s communications and workflows, and they’re looking forward to further integrating their stack into Gmelius.

Nori’s Corporate Development team members are heavy HubSpot users and its integration with Gmelius will be released in the coming months. 

By removing data silos and unifying their stack of tools, Gmelius empowers Nori to improve cross team collaboration, and optimize their daily processes.

We chose to highlight Nori’s story for the unique ways in which they are using Gmelius to make the future a better place. Tackling the global challenge of climate change is no small feat and we’re proud to be a part of Nori’s journey. We urge companies and individuals to support them on their mission.

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