Create custom views for your shared inbox

Create and save unique combinations of filters to view conversations based on assignees or tags, monitor specific projects and clients, get quick access to conversations nearing an SLA breach, and more.
Email collaboration has never been more efficient. Create unique filter combinations in Gmail using Custom Views and adjust team workspaces to your needs.

Set up custom combinations to filter team emails

Frequently searching for specific conversations? Don't let any of them fall through the cracks. Define combinations of filters, and save them as custom views inside your Gmelius workspace.

Filter emails assigned to specific teammates, marked with a certain status or tag, and apply standard Gmail filters, whether it's sender, a subject line, or a date.

Create custom views for your shared inbox

Organize your workspaces your way

Monitoring your team's workload couldn't be easier. Just as default views, your custom views will be saved as sub-folders and can be re-ordered inside your workspace.

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