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Gmail to Trello 2-way Integration

Project Management
Discover a unique two-way integration which allows your teams to work indifferently from Gmail or Trello while speeding up their processes. Email conversations are synced to Trello and Trello-based projects can be managed directly from Gmail.
2-way Gmail to Trello integration

With Gmelius, you can import your Trello boards inside Gmail or turn your inbox, a shared inbox or a Gmail label into a Kanban board and sync it with Trello. Email conversations and replies are turned into actionable task cards and synced in real time with Trello. All Trello lists, cards' descriptions and due-dates are mirrored inside your inbox.

Explore common use cases


Simplify your collaboration processes

Our Gmail to Trello two-way integration makes collaboration as frictionless as possible, by adding visibility to your projects regardless of the platform your different stakeholders use.

Facilitate internal collaboration and build transparency between your teams, by integrating Trello boards with Gmail. Align external communications and project statuses by making Gmail boards available to your clients and partners in Trello.

Save time and avoid context switching

You and your teams no longer need to switch from Gmail to Trello and back. Increase your teams' productivity and reduce time looking for the right information, by getting a consolidated view on your projects and pipelines from the tool that works the best for your team.


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