How We Set Out to Build the Most Modern Email Collaboration Tool

We saw many problems with email collaboration and built Gmelius to solve them. Here we discuss the collaboration features we built and why.

Ermias Giovanni Head of Marketing
How This Tool Can Help Solve Your Sales Pipeline Management Issues

We believe the best solutions to managing a sales pipeline should be built in and around your inbox.

Naya Tsoukala
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How We’re Integrating Slack and Gmail to Make Them More Collaborative

Collaborate better with Gmelius’ Slack to Gmail integration: Send emails to Slack, see Slack conversations in your inbox, and more...

Raphaël Bischof
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The Best Help Desk Software for Small, Medium, and Enterprise-Level Businesses

With multiple options available, we’ve gone ahead and identified which help desk software we think offers the best solutions for small,...

Cameron Brown
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25+ Collaboration Tools for Teams (And How to Choose the Best One for Yours)

There are many different kinds of team collaboration tools on the market—which is why we came up with a list of 25+ collaboration tools...

Tony DeRoia
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How to Automate Your Email in Gmail (w/ Proposal Follow-Up Scripts)

Gmelius allows you to automatically follow-up with and share information about leads and prospects, all within Gmail. Follow our templates to automate your own marketing email sequences.

Roxine Kee Gmelius Power User
Email Is Still King: Why We Built a SaaS Company to Make It Even Better

Project management, collaboration, private messaging, and sales automation should live inside of email — so we built an app for...

Florian Bersier
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Tired of Logging Into MailChimp?

You shouldn’t have to leave your inbox to manage your email campaigns. Gmelius lives and works in Gmail.

Ermias Giovanni
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How to Complete Your NYU Email Inbox!

Gmelius takes your NYU email box to the next level! Once you go Gmelius you’ll never go back to plain Gmail!

Ermias Giovanni
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