Google Groups
Google Groups allow you to create online forums and email-based groups for community conversations.
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Google Groups

Google Groups

Easily convert your Google Group into a powerful shared inbox inside Gmail. Wave goodbye to email overload, embarrassing mistakes, and constant tab switching. Make your team happy and empower them to collaborate with speed and clarity.
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Google Groups

Using Google Groups for your business and feeling like the situation is out of control? We know how that feels. With Gmelius, you can easily turn your Google Group into an actionable shared inbox right inside Gmail. Assign conversations, priority levels, statuses and due dates so everyone knows what's going on. Serve your customers with no need for bcc: nor flooding everyone's inboxes. What's more, Gmelius allows you to streamline and automate the management of your group emails, and provides actionable reporting to optimize your team's performance.

About the integration

Bring your workspaces inside Gmail

No need to keep tabs on everything. With Gmelius, your team no longer needs to toggle between their inbox and Google Groups tabs. Assignments, statuses, priorities and collaboration happens all inside their Gmail account.

Make ownership, statuses, and priorities clear

Google Groups make it impossible to coordinate efficiently on who is working on what. All incoming emails go to everyone in the Google group. Double or missed replies happen. With Gmelius, your entire team has a shared view of every customer email. With built-in assignments, statuses, and priority levels, there’s always clear ownership.

Distribute workload and automate your workflows

Once you convert a Google Group into a shared inbox, you can streamline your workflows and save hours of repetitive work. From auto-assigning conversations to a teammate to applying a tag, a status or a Gmail label, or enforcing an SLA, Gmelius helps you make your workflows smarter.

Unlock actionable analytics to know how your team is doing

Google Groups do not offer analytical insights. Gmelius enables you to objectively and transparently monitor your teams' performance (e..g, average response time, number of resolved queries, performance per team member, trend metrics) to improve continuously.

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