Email sharing for team collaboration

Gmelius makes email sharing in Gmail super simple. With a single-click to share and a double-click to assign; you can collaborate with your team to easily manage emails.
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Email sharing and assignment

De-clutter your team’s inbox!

You no longer have to send Cc’s and Forwards to pass along an email.

Gmelius allows you and your team to share emails, add notes to them, and collaborate behind the scenes.

Share and collaborate with your team

Emails can be shared directly from your inbox list view. You can also @mention your teammates in an email note, which shares the respective email.

Your notes will run in chat-style threads alongside each email; a private behind-the-scenes way to collaborate with your team.

Shared notes
Email delegation

Delegate emails in Gmail

You may want to share an email with your team or you might want to officially assign it.

In two clicks your email is delegated to your chosen teammates, placed within their “Mine” folder, and synced in real-time into your “Assigned” folder.

Automate your team collaboration

Gmelius allows you to include email sharing when automating your workflows. Use our sequences to create “If this - Then that” flows.

Share or assign emails, add labels, move conversations to boards, and more - at any stage of your sequence.

For example, “If our client replies to this email, apply a certain label, assign it to a certain team member, and add it to our project board.”

Automated sequences
Transform your Gmail inbox with kanban boards

Transform your Gmail inbox

The combination of Gmelius features transform your Gmail inbox into your team’s workspace.

It’s easy to see how email sharing and delegation, email notes, shareable templates and project boards, and automated sequences can work together to empower your team’s workflow.

Experience a better way to work together.

Quickly installed and easy to use, Gmelius comes pre-configured and seamlessly integrates with the inbox you and your team know and love.