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Detect and Block Email Tracking in Gmail

Protect your email privacy today

Do you want to ensure your privacy is protected in Gmail?

With Gmelius you can automatically protect your privacy by blocking email trackers.

Block email tracking with Gmelius

Why you should block email tracking

Did you know that, without your consent, many companies (and people) track the emails they send you? This allows them to know when, where, and how often you read their messages.

As a Swiss company, we take privacy seriously. Since 2013, Gmelius has been protecting users’ privacy by detecting and blocking email trackers with an algorithm that has since been copied but never outsmarted!

How to use the Detect & Block trackers functionality

This functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

The next time you receive an email that is being tracked, Gmelius will automatically block the tracker to protect your privacy. You’ll see the following on top of the message:

Gmail email blocker

Stop your emails from being tracked

Detect and block email trackers today with Gmelius.

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