Zoom is an online conferencing tool with video, audio and screen-sharing experiences.
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Zoom for Gmail

Schedule smarter Zoom meetings directly from Gmail. Our Zoom-Gmail integration makes it easy to insert your availability into your emails with auto-populated Zoom meeting links.
Integrate Zoom with Gmail

Native to Gmail, Gmelius Meeting Scheduler automates and simplifies your teams' processes of scheduling Zoom meetings and calls. Align the availability of your attendees with your Google Calendar, add context with meeting details, send auto-reminders and more - without leaving your inbox.

Explore common use cases


Organize Zoom meetings from your inbox

Send personalized Zoom meeting invites, add pre-meeting questionnaires and schedule automated reminders directly from your compose window.

Send meeting invites from any device

Send invites in one click from your computer - using any modern web browser, or from your mobile, with Gmelius mobile app for Android and iOS.

Sync meeting details with Google Calendar

Once your time slot is booked, Gmelius Meeting Scheduler will synchronize Zoom meeting link and details with your Google Calendar.

Share meeting types with your team

With Gmelius Meeting Scheduler you don't have to waste your time recreating similar meeting types from scratch. Simply duplicate and share existing meeting types and make adjustments where needed: meeting details, your availability, or invitee questions.

Automate your teams' workflows

Create shareable email templates, sequences, and campaigns with pre-configured Zoom meeting invites.


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