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Gmail To-Do List

Be more organized by adding a To-Do list and task manager inside Gmail

Have you ever wanted to turn your inbox into a list of to-dos and track your progress?

Whether you’re planning a trip, sharing a shopping list, or managing different work projects, the Gmelius To-Do app will help you become more organized directly from your inbox.

Why should you use a Gmail To-Do list?

Most emails require action. For instance, when you receive a bill, you need to pay it. That’s a to-do. If your boss sends you a memo to review, that’s another to-do.

With this in mind, we have developed a To-Do app that functions seamlessly within your inbox and lets you convert emails into tasks.

The Gmelius To-Do app lets you:

  • Create new tasks from Gmail
  • Convert any email into a to-do
  • Share and manage your to-dos with others e.g. co-workers, friends…
  • Visualize your progress via an intuitive dashboard
  • Sync your to-dos with your Google calendar

How to create a new To-Do?

The To-Do app is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

To create a new to-do in Gmail, click the newly created DO button located next to the standard COMPOSE button.

Gmail To-do App

A Gmelius To-Do window will open where you can add the details of your task.

You can do the following when adding a new to-do:

  1. List the task itself, such as Buy some milk (required)
  2. Include more details about the task, such as At the store (optional)
  3. Set the due date, such as Today (optional)
  4. Specify the list to classify the task, such as Shopping (optional)
  5. Note whether or not you want to add and sync the task to your Google Calendar
Create a to-do in Gmail

Pro Tip: You can use hashtags to specify the due date and list more quickly. For instance, you could simply type Buy some milk #today #shopping to insert the same task as above.

How to convert an email into a to-do?

There are two ways to convert an email into a to-do:

Method 1:

From the list view of your inbox, click on the calendar icon event.

Create a to-do in Gmail, method 1 - Gmelius

Method 2:

From the message view, click on the calendar icon event added to the Gmail top navigation.

Create a to-do in Gmail, method 2 - Gmelius

Pro tip: You can quickly open the to-do menu by using the t d keyboard shortcut.

How to manage your to-dos?

To view and manage your to-dos, click on the To Do menu located on the left pane of your inbox.

To-do dashboard of Gmelius

You can easily filter your tasks due today and in the future and check if any task is overdue.

To edit a to-do: Click on the done icon located next to the task from the list view:

Mark a to-do as done

If you open the task itself, click on the event icon to see the drop down menu, where you can edit your task.

Mark a to-do as done

To mark a to-do as completed: : From the list view, click on the tick icon located next to the task, or, if you open the task itself, select the Mark as complete button located under the event icon.

To delete a to-do: Click on the trash icon as you would to delete a regular message.

Advanced settings and options

Gmelius offers a number of more advanced settings:

Synchronisation with Google Calendar: By default, all new tasks are added to your Google Calendar. You can synchronise your tasks to particular calendars by selecting “Customize calendar settings” from the Gmelius settings.

Gmelius to-do settings

Edit and create new lists: Coming soon

Share your to-dos with others: Coming soon

Gmelius To-Do app and task manager will boost your productivity

The Gmelius To-Do app functions seamlessly within your inbox and allows you to convert emails into tasks and track their completion. Be more productive by tracking your tasks directly from your inbox.

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