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Seamlessly integrated into your inbox, Gmelius natively empowers your Gmail with actionable features. Features that support all the moving parts of your organization: clients, projects, and their related internal and external communications.

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Ermias Giovanni
Ermias Giovanni
Head of Marketing

Starting in 2018, we noticed an increase of Mixmax users making the switch to Gmelius. Feedback from those who made the shift gave us clear signs. Not only what key features we needed to maintain, but more important, which ones are crucial to the success and growth of our users.

Small and medium-sized enterprises coming from Mixmax expressed their concerns and desires. In short, three words sum up their main points:

Communication, Collaboration, Dependability

Teams want the ability to communicate and collaborate. And they want to do it from a familiar platform they can depend on.

Gmelius is native to Gmail and lives within your familiar inbox. Mixmax on the other hand injects their inbox on top of Gmail, which explains the complaints of incompatibility and why users lose access to many of Gmail’s core features.

Gmelius offers every Mixmax feature and many more. Each within an easier to use interface that’s dependable and bug free!

Ex-Mixmax users are loving the additional Gmelius’ features such as: shared labels, behind the scenes communication with email notes, our kanban boards for pipeline management and project visualization, and of course our mobile apps for constant access to Gmelius.

User Interface (UI)
Gmelius lives in Gmail with seamless integration and a bug-free experience.
Mixmax lays over Gmail and will conflict with certain extensions.
Email Management
Gmelius provides a deeper-level of organization and internal communications through shared labels and shareable email notes.
Shared Labels

Create shareable Gmail labels for each client, and project.

done clear
Email Notes

Add context to your emails – collaborate privately behind the scenes.

done clear
Email Delegation

Assign emails to team members with automatic syncing.

done clear
Gmelius’ Kanban boards can be shared with your team allowing everyone to visualize projects and work together to complete them. Team members can convert emails into tasks, add them to boards, and synchronize them with Google Calendar.
Kanban Boards done clear
Gmelius allows you to “If this — then that” your email flows based on your chosen triggers. Sequences put your outreach on autopilot with systemized and timely communications
Email Scheduling 100% Free Limited in the Free tier
Recurring Emails done done
Response Tracking done done
Click Tracking done done
Per-recipient Tracking done done
Email Templates done done
Campaigns (Mail Merge) done done
Sequences done done
100% Swiss made and GDPR compliant. We even prevent email forgery thanks to a unique Blockchain architecture.
Business Model
Gmelius is designed from the start for SMEs. We focus on the needs of small and medium-sized teams and we’re committed to their success.
Mixmax has made the shift to a more enterprise level solution; focusing on larger organizations.

At Gmelius we love small and medium-sized teams. If your organization has less than 100 members – we can say with confidence – Gmelius is the best alternative to Mixmax.

Don’t just take our word for it. We prefer our users and product to speak for themselves.

Having used Mixmax for a couple of years, I was looking for a better integrated service. This is pure pleasure using Gmelius, they seem to have figured it all out starting from pricing, through features to the design.

Amelia, Gmelius user since November 2017
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