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If you are looking for a tool that offers similar functionalities to Mixmax or want to switch to an alternative, you’ve found it with Gmelius! Gmelius is a complete email management solution which adds many new functionalities to your inbox. They include email tracking, scheduling and reminders, similar to Mixmax.

Differences between Gmelius and Mixmax

To help you in your decision, here’s a short-list summarizing the differences between Gmelius and Mixmax.

Gmelius is cheaper

Gmelius Premium costs less than Mixmax. While Mixmax charges up to $49 per month, Gmelius Premium just costs $5 and Gmelius Business $14. You can see our pricing here.

Gmelius works with small teams

Unlike Mixmax, Gmelius offers you volume discount for any of its paid plans from 5 users onwards. Unlike Mixmax, which requires 10 users per subscription.

Gmelius seamlessly integrates into Gmail and Inbox

While Mixmax overrides Gmail and Inbox making it incompatible with other extensions and your workflow, Gmelius seamlessly integrates with your inbox and has been developed to be compatible with other popular extensions.

Gmelius offers more functionalities

Gmelius Premium offers unlimited use to most of our features including auto BCC for CRM integration and Gmelius Business offers all our collaborative features as well as per-recipient & link tracking, campaigns and unique use of the Email Stamping which prevents email forgery using the blockchain technology.

Gmelius offers a complete communication management solution for sales professionals, project managers and business teams in general.

Here is a glimpse into some of our most popular features:

  • Track emails and get complete data including open rates, per-recipient tracking, click tracking, etc.
  • Be more organized with our integrated Trello-like kanban boards
  • Save time by using templates to compose emails and share them with your team
  • Automate your outreach thanks to Gmelius campaigns (Mail Merge)
  • Collaborate being the scene by not adding notes to your email conversations and sharing them with your team
  • Protect your privacy by blocking email trackers
  • Control the look of your printed emails
  • Automatically Unsubscribe from any newsletter in one click
  • CRM integration automatically sends all your messages to an external address
  • And much more…

Ready to try Gmelius?

Gmelius is used daily by over 200.000 users. Making the switch from Mixmax is easy: just click on the button below to get started for free.

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Carlos Valdivia

Excellent product that saves you so much time. The customer support is also super helpful.

Tom Fleming

Great app. Always adding new features. I've used this since its launch and it keeps getting better.

George Steiner

Amazing, everyone should get this. Google should do everything you've done.

Brent Hueth

Great app and wonderful hands-on customer service (not easy to get these days!)

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