Tired of Logging Into MailChimp?

You shouldn’t have to leave your inbox to manage your email campaigns. Gmelius lives and works in Gmail.

Ermias Giovanni Head of Marketing
Yes, You Can Manage Your Sales Team & Pipeline From Gmail! [Here’s how:]

Manage pipelines, leads, and clients from Gmail. Gmelius was built for teams to collaborate and automate directly from their inbox.

Ermias Giovanni
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How to Launch Your Career in Sales: The 5 Skills to Hone Now

You landed your first job in sales. Congratulations! As the rest of the sales folks out-there you are starting out as an SDR.

Florian Bersier
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The SDR’s Toolset: Mail Merge

Sometimes, when working as a sales development rep, the job might look truly tedious. One of the most challenging parts is undoubtedly...

Naya Tsoukala
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How to Send Bulk Emails from Gmail

On its way to becoming a complete communication solution Gmelius has now released a game changing feature: Campaigns (Mail Merge).

Florian Bersier
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Top Tools to Boost Your Outreach Campaign

The basis of any outreach campaign lays in defining the most valuable aspect of your offering, identify potential leads and starting a conversation with them.

Florian Bersier CEO & Founder
How to Write a Great Outreach Template

A good cold outreach open rate is considered to be anything around 30%, whereas the response rate is deemed successful as soon as it...

Florian Bersier
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