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New: A Kanban To-Do List Right Inside Gmail

Discover Trello-like boards right inside your Gmail inbox.

You probably know Gmelius for all its email related features such as the option to schedule emails to be sent later, to snooze emails that can wait or even to track the emails you send out.

But Gmelius isn’t only about these features anymore, with the eighth version of the extension released this month, some game changing functionalities have been added to boost your time and task management skills.

The to-do list feature has been entirely revamped and is now using the Kanban method. Your Gmail inbox (or Inbox by Gmail) will now hold a task management board which will allow you to turn emails into task cards as well as add tasks to your board.

Your board is by default set in time board mode which lets you set deadlines to every tasks you input, making sure to keep you on track day after day. You can set tasks for today, tomorrow or any dates you choose up to months in advance (bonus: all your tasks can be synchronized with Google Calendar). No more risk of missing out on a niece’s birthday or a bi-annual corporate meeting. Plus, since you turned that client email into a task card you will also remember to get back to him with a project update after you meet with suppliers on Tuesday. (Well done you!)

To help you quickly go through your tasks, each card can be labelled according to priority, so you get a sense of their importance at a glimpse. Not every task is vital, Client update : red, high priority — Buying milk: green, low priority.

We also know that days and tasks vary, meetings get pushed back and deadlines moved from next month to tomorrow. But not to worry, your board can be adapted to your task flow, you can use intuitive drag and drop gestures to easily move your task cards from one column to the other.

(Updated 16.10.2017)

You can also keep track of everything you do. Any tasks can be marked as completed by clicking the tick button which appears as you hover your pointer over a task card. Completed tasks are by default left hidden but if you activate the “Show completed tasks” option, a “Completed” column will appear so you can keep track of all the things you have achieved and delete tasks permanently.

Additionally, people holding paid subscriptions have the option to create multiple personnalisable to-do boards. These boards can be used with a time board logic or not, for times when you wish to keep track of tasks without assigning them a due date.

You can create this type of board for your next project plan, for example for our marketing plan I have a board with one column for ideas, another for projects which are on the back-burner, one for the main focus of this month and one where I moved everything that gets done as the month goes by.

With this I am sure I don’t let an idea slip my mind or end up on a random page of my notebook. It helps me visualise the month’s work and goals and keep track of “where I am at” at all times, it also makes it easy to move projects from the back-burner to priority at the end of the month.

This new integrated to-do list will help you be on top of your game everyday and allow you to keep track of any email that triggers a task without switching through different websites or notebooks.

UPDATE : Shared Kanban Boards and Real-Time Team Collaboration are now available! (Jan 2018)