Make Gmail your team's workspace.

Gmelius creates a better and simpler way for your company to work. Transform Gmail into a help desk, a project management solution, and automate your daily processes.

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Voted #1 Gmail App of 2019

Help Desk

Turn Gmail into your company's help desk

Your team can work together to manage group emails like sales@ and support@ without leaving their inbox. Assign emails and update statuses, help desk ticketing style.

Monitor team performance with detailed activity reports. Close more deals - satisfy more clients.

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Project Management

Collaborate on team projects from your inbox

No need to switch between Gmail and project management tools. Keep your team connected and aligned without leaving their inbox.

They can turn emails into task cards and add them to Trello-like project boards. Use one-click features like email delegation, changing due dates, priority levels, statuses, and chat behind the scenes with email notes.

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Automate your team's workflows

Gmelius puts your companies external and internal processes on autopilot.

Use "If this - Then that" directions to customize your email outreach and the tasks that follow. Send email campaigns with smart follow-ups based on your recipients reactions. Use those reactions to auto-loop-in other departments and trigger team workflows.

For example, "if your recipient responds to your email, send a custom reply; then turn it into a task card, add it to a specific board, and assign it to the relevant department."

Discover Top 3 Features
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Experience a better way to work together.

Quickly installed and easy to use, Gmelius comes pre-configured and seamlessly integrates with the inbox you and your team know and love.

You're in good company.

More than 150,000 great professionals from companies of all sizes and sectors already trust Gmelius.

Gmelius changed my life! Finally I can work how I want to. If they don't have something you're looking for... they're working hard to create it.

John Elbing

Shared team templates, email tracking, lots of collaboration and great price. I like that is basically makes my inbox THE place for me. So much of my time is spent in emails, it's nice not to have to exit out of the inbox to get CRM-type features.

Real Estate Broker

Efficiency. Point blank, Gmelius has allowed us to work collaboratively with one another, to stay on top of client emails + to really bring the house down with shared kanban task boards.

Sales Manager