Align and empower your Sales Team

Gain visibility on your sales pipeline💡

Gmelius gives you clear visibility of your sales pipeline with inbox-based Kanban boards.

Turn emails into task cards with one click, assign them to your reps and monitor their progress until the deal is closed.

Align and empower your Sales Team

Optimize and automate your sales outreach 💸

Gmelius puts your sales team’s outreach and follow-up tasks on auto-pilot.

Easily reach out to your prospects with personalized email sequences and multi-stage email campaigns, and analyze their behaviour.

Align and empower your Sales Team

Streamline sales communications 📩

Turn your most effective and recurring emails into shared Email Templates, accessible to your team from all devices.

Save hours of copy pasting day-to-day emails like quotes, cold outreach and follow ups, while unifying communication across your team members.

Align and empower your Sales Team

Schedule meetings with ease 📅

With Gmelius Meeting Scheduler, you can schedule meetings synced with Google Calendar, Google Meet and Zoom, without leaving your inbox.

Insert meeting invites in your emails and let your guests choose a time slot. Share meeting templates with your team and access them from the Gmelius mobile app to schedule meetings on the go.

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Align and empower your Sales Team

Get ahead with email tracking 🤓

How many times have you wondered what happened to an email after you sent it? Gmelius notifies you in real time when a message is opened or clicked.

Knowing how many times your leads have engaged with your emails allows you to gauge their interest and deliver the best response - specific, timely and relevant - to win.

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