Jean René

The Best way to make your Sales people happy with CRM

... is to ditch your CRM and use Gmelius instead: you can share all information and email about customers as if every message was sent to all of your sales force. You can assign tasks and move them around within your sales team. You can use slack to chat and progress towards decisions and then annotate email to keep track of your decisions, collectively.
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Jean René
Make your Sales pipeline actionable, right inside Gmail.

Automate your sales pipeline

Timeliness is key not to let a lead go cold, that's why Gmelius offers an automation suite at your fingertips. Put your sales outreach on autopilot thanks to personalized email Sequences and follow-ups. Automate your internal processes with workflow intelligence. Auto-assign tasks inside your team, enforce SLAs, and track your team's performance with actionable analytics.

Make your Sales pipeline actionable, right inside Gmail.

Distribute workload across your team

No more messy distribution lists, password sharing, and flooded inboxes. Gmelius lets you convert group emails into shared inboxes that your team can access right inside their Gmail account. Assign emails to a teammate for clarity and visualize your inbox and Gmail labels on clear Kanban boards so everyone can prioritize their work and know what's happening.

Make your Sales pipeline actionable, right inside Gmail.

Unify sales communications

Looking for a way to unify your sales team communication or share your best-performing emails? Gmelius lets you build and share a library of dynamic email templates, so you can save hours of copy-pasting and onboard new teammates quickly.

You can also streamline meetings by creating a library of sleek meeting invites that you and your team can add to your emails, so your customers book a time in 1 click.

Make your Sales pipeline actionable, right inside Gmail.

Connect Gmail to your other tools

Tired of tab switching between apps? Gmelius helps you save even more time by connecting with your other tools and apps using our Zapier integration. From enrolling a contact in a Sequence from a Google Sheet to assigning an email based on contact ownership in your CRM, the possibilities are endless!

Make your Sales pipeline actionable, right inside Gmail.
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Master teamwork, not another tool

Gmelius connects
teams' daily tools with unique 2-way integrations.
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Connect your existing tools with our awesome integrations.

Master teamwork, not another tool. Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture, e.g., assign and reply to emails from Slack or synchronize a Gmail label with a Trello board.