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Email tracking

Email tracking

Discover the secret life of your emails.

Real-time tracking delivers instant feedback when your messages are opened or clicked, allowing you to send perfectly timed follow-up, and close deals faster than ever.

Gmelius built-in Activity Streams automatically log each event and make it easy to view all your tracking history in one place.

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Campaigns (Mail Merge)

Automate your outreach without being impersonal.

Send personalized emails to multiple prospects without the crazy price tag and the confusing process. Get click through rate and campaign performance reports.

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Campaigns (Mail Merge)

Email assignment

Assign customer emails to members of your team.
Delegate conversations to any member of your team. You just have to select their name on your assignment drop-down list and the conversation automatically syncs into their inbox.
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Email templates

Create and share email templates.

Turn your most effective and repetitive emails into templates you can personalize, optimize, and share with your team.

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Email templates

Follow-up reminders

Never miss an opportunity.

Never again will you have to worry about losing track of an email thread because you didn’t receive a reply.

If your recipient doesn’t answer to your message, Gmelius will bring the email back to your inbox to help you follow up.

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Kanban boards

Get a streamlined view of your sales process.

Gmelius offers customizable powerful kanban-like boards seamlessly integrated into your inbox.

In the board view, you can categorize conversations by sales stage and help your team develop a clear understanding of what are the priorities - all from within your inbox.

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Kanban boards

Email notes

Add context to any conversation.

Add notes to your emails. Collaborate behind the scenes by sharing these notes with members of your team.

Any information on a private note is visible only to you and the people you share the note with, but never to the original sender.

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Email scheduling

Write an email now, send it later.

Decide when your emails will reach your recipient's inbox, increasing the likelihood that they will be opened, read, and answered.

You can also set up recurring emails to send monthly invoices to your customers, or remind your team of coming meetings.

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Email scheduling

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Gmelius changed my life! Finally I can work how I want to. If they don't have something you're looking for... they're working hard to create it.

John Elbing

Shared team templates, email tracking, lots of collaboration and great price. I like that is basically makes my inbox THE place for me. So much of my time is spent in emails, it's nice not to have to exit out of the inbox to get CRM-type features.

Real Estate Broker

Efficiency. Point blank, Gmelius has allowed us to work collaboratively with one another, to stay on top of client emails + to really bring the house down with shared kanban task boards.

Sales Manager

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