Email Follow-Up

Never again will you have to worry about losing track of an email thread because you didn’t receive a reply. Gmelius allows you to create automatic follow-up reminders. If your recipient doesn’t answer to your message, Gmelius will bring the email back to your inbox to help you follow up.

Why should you use Email Follow-Up?

Have you ever lost track of an email thread because your recipient never replied? Gmelius automatically notifies you if selected emails didn’t receive a response. Use follow-up reminders to:

  • Get back in touch with a potential customer who didn’t respond to your quote
  • Ensure that important emails are answered on time
  • Keep track of team deadlines

How to use the email follow-up functionality?

The email follow-up functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

When you compose or reply to an email, click on the notifications_none icon next to the Send button.

Email followup preview in Gmail

Select the date and time you’d like to receive a reminder:

  1. Enter a date and time in natural language: If you want to be reminded in 10 days, simply type “in 10 days.” All date and time expressions are understood: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc.
  2. Choose from preset time slots: By default, Gmelius offers a number of commonly used time slots. You can customize your own preset times by going to your Gmelius Productivity settings and selecting Customize snooze times from the “Follow-up on emails” menu.
  3. Manually select the date and time: Click on the Select date and time menu item to choose a date and time. You also have the option to: Click Only if no one replies to cancel the reminder if you receive a response between the time the email was snoozed and the time it is due to reappear in your inbox.
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Carlos Valdivia

Excellent product that saves you so much time. The customer support is also super helpful.

Tom Fleming

Great app. Always adding new features. I've used this since its launch and it keeps getting better.

George Steiner

Amazing, everyone should get this. Google should do everything you've done.

Brent Hueth

Great app and wonderful hands-on customer service (not easy to get these days!)

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