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Email Follow-Up in Gmail

Automatically follow-up on emails to which you have not received a response

Never again forget to send a follow-up email. This functionality allows you to create automatic follow-up reminders. If your recipient doesn’t answer to your message, Gmelius will bring the email back to your inbox to help you follow up.

Why should you use Email Follow-Up?

Have you ever lost track of an email thread because your recipient never replied? Gmelius automatically notifies you if selected emails didn’t receive a response. Use follow-up reminders to:

  • Get back in touch with a potential customer who didn’t respond to your quote
  • Ensure that important emails are answered on time
  • Keep track of team deadlines

How to use the email follow-up functionality?

The email follow-up functionality is activated by default under your Gmelius dashboard.

When you compose or reply to an email, click on the notifications_none icon next to the Send button.

Email followup preview in Gmail

Select the date and time you’d like to receive a reminder:

  1. Enter a date and time in natural language: If you want to be reminded in 10 days, simply type “in 10 days.” All date and time expressions are understood: minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, etc.
  2. Choose from preset time slots: By default, Gmelius offers a number of commonly used time slots. You can customize your own preset times by going to your Gmelius Productivity settings and selecting Customize snooze times from the “Follow-up on emails” menu.
  3. Manually select the date and time: Click on the Select date and time menu item to choose a date and time.
    You also have the option to: Click Only if no one replies to cancel the reminder if you receive a response between the time the email was snoozed and the time it is due to reappear in your inbox.

With Gmelius’ follow-up functionality, unanswered emails will never slip through the cracks again.

Never again will you have to worry about losing track of an email thread because you didn’t receive a reply.

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