The future of work for your Startup

Align your teams across departments 🤝

Keep your department heads and their workflows on the same page. From Product and Marketing to Sales and Support - alignment is key to growth.

Have a Sales team working in Gmail, a Product team working in Slack and a Marketing team working in Trello? Gmelius offers real-time, 2-way integrations allowing your teams to collaborate without switching back and forth.

The future of work for your Startup

Get inbox-based ticketing from day 1 💡

Manage cases right from Gmail instead of investing in a separate, expensive Helpdesk. Gmelius' shared inboxes simplify the management of your group emails like support@ or sales@ and come with ticketing-style assignment so your teams can deliver excellent support directly from Gmail and Slack.

Email assignments clarify accountability and collision detection eliminates the risk of double replies.

The future of work for your Startup

Manage your project, client, and investor pipelines 🤑

Visibility is key when scaling your startup. Gmelius transforms your internal and external communications into agile and visual boards.

Gmelius kanban boards auto-sync with your Gmail shared labels for efficient pipeline management.

The future of work for your Startup

Automate your outreach 🤖

Automate your processes and day-to-day tasks with rule-based workflows. Create sequences for sales outreach and client communications, and send email campaigns to easily update your investors.

Gmelius offers a tracking suite that empowers your perfectly-timed outreach with more than just ‘read receipts’.

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