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The collaboration platform
designed for G Suite

Gmelius empowers your teams to collaborate on emails and projects right from Gmail. Replace Google Groups with easy-to-use shared mailboxes. Organize emails and tasks visually with kanban boards.


Gmelius makes it simple to follow conversations or find important information by giving you visibility across shared inboxes. Get looped in, and make more informed decisions.
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Take control of your pipeline. Assign emails to your teammates, add internal notes to emails and collaboratively manage your projects in real time, whether from Gmail or Trello.
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Gmelius offers a unique workflow intelligence solution that lets your teams focus on what matters and automate the rest, e.g., templates, auto-responders, follow-ups, and SLA rules.
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The #1 collaboration software designed for G Suite.

Simplify teamwork in G Suite. Monitor in real-time your company's communications and automate key processes with a unique workflow intelligence solution.

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August 2019
This Y Combinator company is the next big trend in tech.
Gmelius Reviews G2CROWD
The most used collaboration tool in our office!
We found a match with the needs of our remote team.
Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2 Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2 Gmelius is a leader in Shared Inbox on G2

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