Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius

Whether you are migrating to or already using Google Workspace, Gmelius is here to simplify collaboration across your company. Bring ticketing, project management, and automation capabilities right inside Gmail.

Gmail, G Suite and now Google Workspace's missing DNA block

We are using this platform for more than a year and it really evolved from mainly Gmail extension to almost Communication Hub for other platforms, which include Slack, Trello, Zoom, Meet and thanks to API and soon Zapier almost all other any you like. When it comes to emails, Gmelius is in fact Sync Server, that can sync emails across many separate Gmail accounts and solve this by using Labels and it works surprisingly well. It has some built-in automation you can use for emails, which I hope will be also extended, as well as mailing solutions. You can delegate emails, add notes to emails and notify certain users about this note. You can also use Kanban Boards that you can sync on the fly with Trello.
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Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius

Turn Gmail into a collaborative inbox

Bring transparency and accountability to Gmail. Collaboratively manage emails (like support@ or info@), Gmail labels, and Google Groups. Share, delegate, and assign emails with ease - no more unanswered emails, or double replies.

Expand email collaboration beyond Google Workspace. Sync emails with your Slack channels, and let your teams choose where to work from.

Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius

Enhance Google Workspace project management

Visualize your teams pipeline with Kanban boards in Gmail. Assign emails and Tasks to Group members and sync due dates with Google Calendar.

Put project workflows on autopilot. Automatically assign, move cards (and more) with Gmelius Rules.

Collaborate in real time with other departments and partners by syncing boards with Trello, so your employees no longer need to switch between apps.

Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius

Automate your company processes

Make your teams happier by putting busy work on auto-pilot. Auto-assign emails based on your team's workload, apply SLA policies, send email auto-replies, and more.

Streamline appointment scheduling right from Gmail and automate your outreach with shareable email templates, sequences, and smart drip campaigns.

Build custom automations by integrating Google Workspace with the rest of your stack via Gmelius API or Zapier integration (coming early Q2).

Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius

Get instant visibility into your team's performance

Easily hit your company goals with real-time Gmail analytics. Generate detailed activity reports to easily track critical email KPIs, identify roadblocks and drive continuous improvements.

Achieve more in Google Workspace with Gmelius
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Connect your existing tools with our awesome integrations.

Master teamwork, not another tool. Gmelius connects your apps via a unique 2-way sync architecture, e.g., assign and reply to emails from Slack or synchronize a Gmail label with a Trello board.